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Vivace is the Belo Medical Group’s latest treatment for acne and acne scars

Editor’s note: This press release is sponsored by Belo Medical Group and was handled by BrandRap, the sales and marketing arm of Rappler. No member of the news and editorial team participated in the publishing of this piece.

The Belo Medical Group’s latest treatment for acne and acne scars bagged the “Best Energy-based Treatment Award” at the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress 2022 (AMWC) in Monaco. AMWC is one of the world’s most important congresses specializing in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. It has been operating annually for 20 years and attracts medical aesthetics study submissions from over 12,000 medical practitioners all over the world.

The paper authored by Dr. Vicki Belo and Belo associate physician, Dr Princess Odita, entitled, “Combination of Intradermal Air Injection and Fractional Microneedling with Radiofrequency in Treating Atrophic Acne Scars in Asian Skin,” was peer reviewed by the participating medical communities, and was celebrated for its innovative use of the Vivace® radiofrequency micro-needling technology in combination with air dissection.

The study explains that the anatomy of the scar is caused by a loss of tissue due to the destruction of the reticular dermis together with fibrosis, pulling the outer skin down into the dermal tissue. Air dissection gently breaks these fiber strands that hold the skin down, then the radiofrequency micro-needling using Belo’s Vivace device delivers high-intensity RF energy precisely where it’s needed. Vivace has 36 microneedles that make tiny wounds on the skin and deliver tissue-rejuvenating RF energy that induces tissue regeneration by coagulation in the tissue being treated. The needles are far apart enough so that only 20% of the tissue is actually injured during the treatment, and then the healing from the 80% of the normal tissue is fast. By doing this together the fibrotic strands that hold the skin down are loosened, collagen and elastin deposition are increased, and finally there is better elevation of the scar so it’s much faster to reach skin level.

Belo Medical Group recently just further enhanced this treatment by integrating another exclusive treatment called the Belo Spheres—a newly-introduced (2022) treatment. Belo Spheres uses the ASCE+ cell-signaling system which is the most revolutionary discovery in cell regeneration and anti-aging technology during the last five years. Belo Spheres act as skin-saving messengers that deliver information and instructions to regenerate cells. The tunnels created by the Vivace needles allow Belo Spheres to be fully absorbed by the skin, thus allowing the latter to facilitate intracellular communication by merging with old skin and releasing information to them, allowing them to regenerate, rejuvenate and improve.

“While we (Belo Medical Group) are mostly known for our treatments, we want to emphasize that we take the science behind our industry very seriously. Not only do our doctors keep up-to-date with current and groundbreaking industry knowledge, we also contribute to the global medical aesthetics community by producing scientific papers and having them peer-reviewed and published in global journals,” said Dr. Vicki Belo.

Another recent award garnered by the Belo Medical Group is the “Beauty Industry Pioneer of the Year Award 2021,” given by Global Health & Pharma’s Healthcare & Pharmaceutical in London. –

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