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Dr. Suttipoj “Jimmy” Pattaramongkolkarn from Miskawaan Health Group (MHG) on the importance of personalized treatments, the power of hormone therapy, and what functional medicine means for the future of healthcare.

As medical science continues to evolve, functional medicine is garnering significant attention as the future of healthcare. At the forefront of this new frontier is Miskawaan Health Group (MHG), which specializes in detecting and treating the root cause of diseases, using holistic methods and cutting-edge innovation to help clients achieve optimal health. With five locations worldwide, including three in Thailand – Bangkok, Samui, and Phuket – each full-service health clinic utilizes advanced technologies and proprietary treatments, developed and fine-tuned in Germany for over 30 years by Medical Director Dr. Johanes Wessolly. Today, Dr. Wessolly oversees a global team of top-tier doctors, including Dr. Suttipoj “Jimmy” Pattaramongkolkarn.

Having graduated from the China Medical University, Dr. Jimmy was drawn by Miskawaan’s approach for personalized, functional healthcare, and embarked on his own path towards promoting the practice in Thailand. He acquired a fellowship in Hormone Therapy from the International Hormone Society in Belgium, along with numerous board certifications by the American Boards of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Nutritional Wellness, and Obesity Management.

“At Miskawaan, we treat people, no symptoms,” he explains. “In most Thai hospitals, you get 10 minutes to speak with the doctor. Then they prescribe your medicines, and that’s it. It’s very different at Miskawaan. Instead of giving you painkillers each time you have a headache, we figure out why you have headaches in the first place, and help you create a personalized lifestyle plan to change that.”

Following the belief that everyone is unique, MHG steps away from prescribing the same medications to treat or mask symptoms, opting instead for treatments customized around a client’s genetic profile and lifestyle factors.

“Our consultations can take up to an hour, because we’re trying to identify the root causes behind each clients’ problem, based on how they live,” Dr. Jimmy goes on to say, adding that treatments can be categorized into four key stages: prevention, intervention, rehabilitation, and performance. These are, in turn, designed to stop the progression of disease, allow for sustainable rehabilitation, and help patients reach their highest possible level of health and wellbeing.

Complementing natural-based medicines, technology is key to the MHG way. The clinic’s diagnostic tests are far more detailed than those provided in other medical institutions and can’t be found anywhere else in the region. “Technology is so important because it lays our options out for us,” Dr. Jimmy points out. “It shows us which methods will work best for our patients, so we can choose the right course of action for them.”

Many of these tests are conducted through partnered laboratories in Germany, with MHG being the first to make such advanced technology accessible to the Thai market. “In Germany, their labs are much further ahead than ours. For instance, if you want to check up on your gut health, most places here only provide ultrasound scans. These labs go deeper, analyzing bacteria levels too small for the eye to see. This helps us find out if you are at risk of getting cancer, how well you’re digesting, and whether you’re absorbing nutrients properly.”

Another high-tech highlight is Miskawaan’s Metavectum diagnostic test, which identifies which treatment each cancer patient will be most receptive to. “With conventional treatments, you must go by the book. There’s a specific procedure to cancer treatment,” Dr. Jimmy explains. “At Miskawaan, you might run the Metavectum test and find that certain steps in the procedure aren’t suitable, because the patient is resistant towards them. In this case, you can opt for another approach that’s better.”

MHG Doctors are fully certified to solve all kinds of health issues, from auto-immune diseases such as diabetes, to metabolic disorders and gut health. “One of our most popular treatments is bioidentical hormones and replacement therapy, which can be applied to patients of all ages. My patients range from women who are entering menopause, to younger clients looking for ways to increase muscle mass or lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. As a certified sexual health specialist, I also use my knowledge to help patients in the LGBTQ society. For example, I provide information on how to correctly use hormones to complement their gender change treatments.”

Aiming to treat all patients with utmost care, MHG emphasizes a seamless experience. Alongside doctors and nurses, each patient is assigned their own medical coordinator, who manages everything from following-up on symptoms, to scheduling future appointments and even hotel and transportation arrangements for patients flying in from abroad. “Medical coordinators must have a science-related degree, and all nurses are certified to treat anti-aging patients,” he notes, “with nearly all of them now fully certified to treat cancer patients as well.”

MHG also values ​​mental wellbeing, with a team of nutritionists and psychologists ready to support all patient needs, which can range from rehabilitating cancer patients, to transgender children still unsure of who they want to be. “We see our patients as individuals at Miskawaan, not just a set of organs. That’s why every aspect of their health, from the physical to the mental and spiritual, matters to us.”

With the region’s first fully integrated beachfront health clinic, as well as prime city-centre locations, Miskawaan continues to receive outstanding reviews for superior service. The group also has plans to expand into manufacturing its own medicines, including an upcoming collaboration with the Mae Fah Luang University.

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