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Dr. Thananchai Assadamongkol, from Bangmod Aesthetic Center at Bangmod Hospital, on helping patients achieve happiness, confidence, and self-empowerment through aesthetic plastic surgery.

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Thananchai Assadamongkol is in the privileged position of being able to see his patients “become happier and more confident in themselves”. He started out in this field around a decade ago, and he now finds himself running the ship as the Director of Bangmod Aesthetic Center at Bangmod Hospital. Founded by his father and role model, Dr. Surasit Assadamongkol, it’s one of Thailand’s most well-regarded medical aesthetic establishments.

“When I was young, I watched my parents – both of whom are doctors – treating their patients and giving them a better life through health,” Dr. Thananchai recalls. “That inspired me to pursue a career in medicine.”

He studied at Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, where he obtained his first degree. However, at that point in his life he was still unsure of what his specialty would be – or at least he was, until a life-changing moment occurred. The incident involved his mother, a pediatrician, who at the time had a potentially eyesight-damaging issue with one of her eyelids.

“She was recommended to get an eyelid surgery,’ he explains, “but she insisted on having her son do the operation for her.” He fulfilled her wish from her, and it was thus that Dr. Thananchai decided on plastic surgery as a career. “Ella She was my very first patient,” he smiles.

After 14 years building up his skills in medical training – six years for the first degree, three for internship, and five more to get a specialist certificate – Dr. Thananchai landed a position at his father’s establishment, which is where he perfected his surgical skills and learned valuable techniques from his mentor/father. “He always told me to be sincere and honest to the patients. We have to tell them the truth, what we can and cannot do,” he remarks, adding that he is committed to his father’s golden rule of holding consultations between doctor and patient prior to every surgery.

Over the years, Dr. Thananchai has developed insights into many aspects of the field of aesthetic surgery, as it exists here in Thailand. “It was a totally niche market 20 years ago,” he says. “Few people were interested in cosmetic surgery.” He also asserts that there was a social stigma for those getting this kind of surgery because they were perceived as “ugly people”. Thankfully, people today are more open-minded and assertive about improving their image, and society has come to see them as part of the “health conscious” population.

“Now, everything has changed,” he admits. “There’s much more social acceptance, for one thing, and people are no longer shy or embarrassed to say that they’ve received a plastic surgery procedure.”

Dr. Thananchai has also made the most of the incredible progress in modern cosmetic technology. The majority of these improvements allow for “safe, quick recovery with natural-looking results”, which are, coincidentally, the three underlying principles of Bangmod Hospital. When asked about the technology highlights available, the good doctor quickly answers that they have it all, and can do almost anything under the sun.

“Our greatest advantage is how we operate as a hospital,” he elaborates. “This means we are basically able to perform both minor and major surgeries, with most of our patients trusting us for the major ones like facelifts, breast and buttock surgeries, or liposuction – operations which require anaesthetics. Moreover, as a big hospital, we have certain standards we uphold, as well as teams of professionals and specialists and some truly innovative technology.”

When it comes to signature procedures which the center is renowned for, Dr. Thananchai lists the ‘Modern Facelift’. The procedure utilizes the Bangmod team’s own technique, which, as he points out, “allows the surgeons to determine which part of the face to be corrected depending on patient preferences, in order to perform a more effective and safer operation.”

The ‘Modern Facelift’ developed by Dr. Thananchai had its origin more than 10 years ago and led to his ambition of becoming a plastic surgeon. At the time he had met a lady who looked at least 10 years younger than her current age – naturally beautiful. When he inquired about the secret of her happy and youthful appearance of her, she informed him that she had undergone facelift surgery abroad. “That became my inspiration and motivation for becoming a plastic surgeon,” Dr. Thananchai explains. “A youthful appearance creates happiness and confidence, and I wanted to provide that gift to my patients. Gradually, over time and through word-of-mouth referrals, I was able to achieve that, and have performed this surgery to tens of thousands of patients from Thailand and abroad.”

He continues: “Our doctors can perform an operation to the deeper muscular level, called the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), which prolongs the effectiveness of the surgery and makes the result look more natural.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Modern Breast’ procedure entails a special breast augmentation method called Dual Plane, wherein an implant is placed both over and under the muscle, which allows for a more natural look. “We are also one of very few places that adopt an endoscopic assistance and the use of a Keller Funnel to minimize any injury and rate of infection,” he adds.

In addition to the plastic surgery and dermatology offered at the centre, this dedicated doctor is also proud of their anti-aging department, which offers services for clients who may not need a surgery but still want to take care of their skin health. “We believe that you need to take care of the inside to look good on the outside. This department, therefore, offers many tests – from checking hormones and vitamin levels – to see what your body needs.”

Despite over four decades of success, there’s no room for complacency at Bangmod Hospital. Alongside their constant research into new approaches and technology, the hospital has some huge plans up their sleeve for the future.

“We’ll open a new hospital in about 2-3 years from now,” the doctor reveals. “This one will be focusing on wellness, and we aim to be the number one facility in Asia. We will have an all-round wellness offering, ranging from dermatology, to dentistry, to spa treatments.”

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