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The coming of spring is a gleeful time, no matter our age, with greening and budding everywhere, and warmer, sunny, longer days. There is new energy and anticipation of Summer trips and outings soon to follow.

We break out new dudes for Spring. Shorts and sleeveless tops, cotton and linen. It all feels so good and freeing. Soon, bathing suits will be in order, which means a lot of exposure to the sun — both its warmth and potentially harmful effects.

Every now and again, I look in the mirror, shake my head and say to myself, “I shouldn’t have laid out in the sun so much when I was younger.”

But in my defense and that of others my age, no one was talking about not getting in the sun then. It wasn’t sunscreen, but rather suntanning lotion or oil that was all the hype.

Fortunately for all, there is now much more helpful information available on how to best protect your skin.

There is not much you can do for existing spots from sun exposure, most skin-care experts say. Prevention is the key.

Helen Coquin, an owner and manager of The Skin Bar, a new business on Augusta Street near Downtown Greenville, says “a regular regimen of Vitamin C serum, cleanser with retinol and SPF is a must.”

Though chemical peels and other procedures can help, “so much of skincare is 80% of what you do at home on a daily basis and 20% what can be done in a spa,” Coquin says.

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