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India, 26th May 2022: MITCHELL USA has been at the forefront of beauty and skincare investigation and innovation since 1954. The extraordinary adventure began with Scotland’s highlands’ ‘MITCHELL’ clan, who have long been regarded as skincare gurus. Here we understand the journey of Sunita Ramnathkar, Co-Owner of MITCHELL USA in establishing the brand in India, the challenges and the way forward for the brand.

How did Sunita Ramnathkar start the journey of MITCHELL USA?

Sunita was a chemistry student who wanted to use her knowledge to heal a skincare product that would help women gain confidence. Hence, she created Fem bleach in 1981. Dabur acquired Fem in 2008, and Sunita was approached in 2009 by MITCHELL USA. This US skincare firm specializes in making skincare products for women. Sunita was persuaded by their ideas and products, prompting her to become the company’s co-owner. Initially, she was solely responsible for assisting MITCHELL USA in manufacturing their products for global distribution. In 2017, she launched MITCHELL USA, an anti-aging regimen based on sacred lotus seed extracts, in the Indian market.

How is the experience of taking FEM to new heights helping with MITCHELL USA?

Sunita knew what MITCHELL USA could create for Indian skin types based on her expertise working in the Indian beauty market and testing products on Indian skin. As a result, she re-entered the Indian beauty market in 2017 with MITCHELL USA’s anti-aging regimen.

What roadblocks were overcome while bringing MITCHELL USA to India?

Sunita’s biggest hurdle was creating products for Indian skin types, which have unique skin peculiarities. The other roadblock was relocating some of Beirut’s production to India around 2009, which resulted in a 40% reduction in production costs. Overcoming short-term financial challenges, the brand initially invested in the Indian market. Also, when MITCHELL USA joined the Indian market, GST had just been implemented resulting in the market being closed. Additional roadblocks faced by the brand were the volatility of the forex rates. Furthermore, transferring research and development along with production into their Indian factory. Therefore, it took time for MITCHELL USA to establish itself in the country.

Where can we see MITCHELL USA in the next five years?

MITCHELL USA offers a large selection of anti-aging regimens, but the business hopes to launch a Need-based regimen like skin brightening and rectifying skin flaws. The brand intends to increase omnichannel sales through parlors, dermatologists, and affiliate marketing. The dermatologists are currently prescribing the Ageless range to their patients, due to which we are extending the ageless line to a derma line. Investors are interested in providing capital to help them expand soon.

What is the USP of the brand MITCHELL USA?

MITCHELL USA is probably India’s only anti-aging regimen. The regimen is suitable for all skin types. All of the products have been dermatologically evaluated for Indian skin and are manufactured in accordance with GMP standards. MITCHELL’s Age-Less products are distinguished by the presence of lotus Bio-Repair MT complex, an extract from our holy lotus seed. It is meticulously extracted to retain all of the peptides, antioxidants, amino acids, and biochemicals that aid in inflammation reduction. Additionally, MITCHELL USA ‘Professional’ introduces Advanced Radiance Treatment to assist salon professionals in growing their businesses by catering to the unique skincare issues and requirements of Indian women. The treatment is a five-step radiant innovation product that will reduce skin dullness, blemishes, pigmentation, suntan, and even skin.

How is MITCHELL USA catering to the Indian skin?

The team urges every Indian woman to be comfortable in her own skin. As a result, the MITCHELL USA team is working dedicatedly towards curating products that are specifically suited for Indian skin. The brand has created dermatologically validated formulas for Indian skin, backed by the exceptional competence of American Laboratories.

Can the customers expect new brand extensions and innovations anytime soon?

The brand intends to release its new innovation through its anti-aging shampoo + pre-shampoo mask kit, an anti-aging acne kit, and a Peptide + HA serum kit with 80 percent Vit C powder. MITCHELL USA will primarily target the younger generation, who are increasingly aware of and interested in anti-aging regimens. The brand focuses on items that allow customers to experience the best of skincare. The brand also plans on coming up with a new range of products, details of which will be shared soon.

MITCHELL USA, as a brand, has been accepted by people of different ages, teaching them the benefits of anti-aging regimens and how they may enhance natural beauty. They saw a gap in the Indian market and used that knowledge to produce their best-selling innovation. They are not only safe but also cruelty-free. Every face has its unique charm, and MITCHELL USA has made it possible to delicately construct the face with its extensive line of anti-aging products. MITCHELL USA not only encourages women’s empowerment but also glorifies women.

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