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A ‘scary’ mum turned her family’s lives into a living nightmare during a vindictive campaign of harassment and assault.

Tammi Moore was described as a ‘thorn in their side’ and was physically aggressive towards both her husband and daughter during a violent confrontation where they were both punched and screamed at.

The 43-year-old was ‘plainly taking pleasure’ in causing them pain, with her terrified daughter calling her mother a “scary woman” who made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, Hull Live reports.

Moore, of North Tower Block, Melville Street, Hull, admitted two offenses of assaulting her husband, one of assaulting her daughter and six of breaching a restraining order on January 30 and 31 at Hull Crown Court.

Amber Hobson, prosecuting, said that a two-year restraining order was made on September 1, 2020, banning Moore from contacting her son, daughter and their father.

But Moore’s son found her in his kitchen, smoking Spice, at 4.45pm after she went inside through an unlocked door. He asked her to leave and she did.

The next day, Moore went there again at 12.35am and rang the buzzer and shouted to get his attention.

She continued shouting, saying that she wanted a divorce from his father. “She shouted abuse at him for 10 minutes before she left,” said Miss Hobson.

Tammie Moore was described by her daughter as a ‘scary woman’.

At 12.55am, she went to the home of her daughter and yelled: “You best f***ing let me in” and continued shouting to be let in.

She later went to Ferensway at 2.45pm and shouted at her husband and son before pushing her husband with both hands on the shoulders and swinging her right arm towards him, missing him, before punching him on the cheek.

At 4.30pm, she went to her husband’s home, rang the doorbell, tried the handle and knocked on the door before shouting. “He looked out and saw the defendant,” said Miss Hobson.

Moore approached all three of them in Queens Gardens at 6.35pm before shouting at her husband and swinging three punches towards his face, hitting his forehead and cheek, before punching her daughter on the cheek.

She later told police that she had been drinking vodka but was not drunk or alcohol dependent. She was still legally married to her husband but was with someone else.

Moore’s husband said in a statement: “This incident has me constantly worried for my safety. I am struggling with my anxiety and I am worried to leave my property. I have pets in my address and I worry she may harm them. Tammie has no right to assault me.”

The case was heard at Hull Crown Court
The case was heard at Hull Crown Court

Her daughter said: “She just leaves me hurt. I feel quite violated. I just know what is coming when she gets released from custody. When I hear her voice, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. She is a scary woman. I just want her to leave me alone.”

Moore had convictions for 58 previous convictions, including assault causing actual bodily harm, assault and harassment. She was in breach of an eight-week suspended prison sentence imposed by Hull magistrates on September 1, 2020.

She had also been given a community order at Hull Crown Court in June last year for harassment and breaching the suspended sentence.

Michele Stuart-Lofthouse, mitigating, said Moore had been living a chaotic lifestyle for a long time but had been given chances in the past. “It will take time for her to be fully rehabilitated,” said Miss Stuart-Lofthouse.

Judge Mark Bury told Moore: “You have breached that restraining order lock, stock and barrel because you have assaulted your daughter and your husband and you have been to premises you were not supposed to go and you have had contact with your son. You haven It has to be prison this time, first of all to protect your family from you, to give them a rest because you are just a thorn in their side, and to punish you.”

It was a pattern of behavior and Moore was “plainly taking pleasure” in annoying and assaulting them and shouting at them. Moore was jailed for 15 months and was given a five-year restraining order.

After the hearing, Moore’s husband, who was in court with his son and daughter, said: “We are happy with the outcome.” They declined to comment further.

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