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At Cherry Blossom Acupuncture we work closely with our clients to achieve their goals, whether that is to help with fertility, support an IVF cycle or ease painful conditions. We offer treatment in the following areas; Fertility, Women’s Health, Menopause, Back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, and Migraine. We are specialists in women’s health, fertility and pain relief.

There have been numerous studies that suggest that acupuncture works particularly well on chronic pain such as back and neck pain; osteoarthritis/knee pain; and headache. It often reduces the incidence and severity of tension headaches and may prevent migraines.

Like one of our clients, who originally came with anxiety, dizziness and neck pain, she hadn’t gone shopping on her own for almost two years as she got dizzy spells and her dizzy spells were giving her anxiety, so she felt even more anxious about going out. She had chronic neck pain that she scored about an 8 out of ten. In her very first session, we treated her neck pain using distal acupuncture. Once the needles were in, I asked her to turn her head and to her surprise, she was pain-free. Her pain has reduced on each weekly session, and after about six sessions she was consistently pain-free.

One of our happy clients, who is now free of debilitating arthritis knee pain, said:

“Acupuncture is amazing, and I’ve been recommending it to all! I had a severe flare up of arthritis in my knee that even affected my sleeping. From the first session, I had tremendous relief, and after a few sessions, I felt better than ever. Louise is an expert at what she does. I always feel like I’m floating on clouds after my session. Thank goodness for no more pain. I’m ever so grateful.”

Endometriosis Pain

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can also be used to treat many women’s health issues. Premenstrual Disorders, Painful periods and Endometriosis, can cause crippling pain for those affected. If you suffer from painful and debilitating periods, they can have a significant impact on your life, with additional symptoms such as migraines, mood changes or digestive disturbances. Thankfully, acupuncture, lifestyle changes and Chinese Herbal Medicine can help dramatically change these symptoms. I have seen a number of clients with very painful periods, and after a number of sessions of acupuncture and treatment with herbal medicine, they are now experiencing pain free periods. If this is something you experience, please get in touch to see how we can help you.

“Before going for Acupuncture, my periods lasted two weeks, were very heavy, and were extremely painful, with migraine headaches and nausea. I had been to my GP who had prescribed painkillers and wanted to put me on the pill, but I wanted to try something more natural. I had heard that acupuncture might help and started weekly sessions and taking some herbal pills. After the first cycle the pain was reduced considerably, and after two months, it was much more manageable as well as the period becoming lighter, less painful and with no headaches or nausea. I now go regularly for maintenance and my quality of life is so much better, now that I am not dealing with that pain.”

So often, when I have been treating a patient who has chronic pain, or endometriosis, they will say to me; “I honestly didn’t know you could do something about this. I thought I’d just have to put up with it.” That would be my biggest message. You don’t have to put up with anything that’s holding you back. You can heal yourself, and we can help you.

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