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Shilpa Shetty’s favorite asanas and their benefits

The practice of yoga has been a part of our culture for centuries and has been useful in bringing a sense of peace and calm to our hectic daily lives. Practicing yoga regularly can help achieve calmness and peace and thereby sharpen the body’s alertness and provide better mental clarity. Every year, June 21st is observed as Yoga Day internationally.

B-Town celeb and fitness diva Shilpa Shetty is a person who is at the forefront when it comes to yoga. She considers it to be one of the most enlightening and empowering experiences of her life. As a yoga enthusiast, she uses her social media channels to educate her followers about yoga. Her contributions and dedication to yoga are noteworthy and she believes that it can help you achieve a more balanced and organized life. Shilpa also hopes that people will become aware of its benefits and incorporate it into their daily life to improve themselves.

Shilpa, at one time, was facing cervical issues and was advised to use yoga to aid in her healing process. As she found this beneficial, she became a regular practitioner of yoga and also began promoting the ancient regime.

There are some asanas that the Bollywood diva puts faith into and we think you should try them too as they provide a plethora of benefits:


– Improves blood circulation

– Increases our attention span and relieves the body and mind of stress

– Promotes production and growth of hair in the hair follicles

– Strengthens the core and arm muscles

Restrictions – Not recommended for people who have blood pressure, eye and neck issues


– Improves the overall balancing stability of the body

– Helps you to stretch your whole lower body (arms, neck, groin, shoulders, thighs, legs )

– Strengthens your arms, shoulder and leg muscles

– Builds up stamina and energizes the body

Restrictions – Not recommended for people who have severe knee or neck pain or heart problems

Utthan Pristhasana

– Improves flexibility

– Strengthens your hip and hamstrings

– Helps in reducing stress and improves our focus

– Helps people who have reproductive health issues

Restrictions – Not recommended for people with severe lower back injuries, hip and shoulder issues


– Improves body’s overall posture

– Strengthens and tones the core, thigh and leg muscles

– Improves pelvic stability

– Helps in building stamina and endurance

– Brings a sense of balance to your body and mind

– Improves the sense of concentration and focus

– Lowers the risk of sciatica

Restrictions – Not recommended for people who have migraines, vertigo, insomnia and high blood pressure


– Helps in providing strength to your chest, hips and legs

– Increases metabolism and improves digestion

– Provides a good stretch to your abdominal and thigh region

– Improves body’s overall posture

– Increases body’s balance and stability

Restrictions – Not to be performed by people who have severe injuries in their body

Parsva Sukhasana

– Stretches neck, shoulder and oblique region of the body

– Helps to calm the mind and relieve any stress or anxiety

– Improves body’s overall posture

– Improves our focus and increases attentiveness quotient

Restrictions – Not to be performed by people with sciatica, slip disc, arthritis, knee injury or sacral ailments


– Helps in reducing hip and belly fat

– Increases flexibility and mobility in joint areas

– Stimulate pancreas

– Improves digestion

– Improves the body’s insulin production

Restrictions – Not to be performed by people with ulcers, severe back or knee injuries and those who have undergone abdominal surgery

In conclusion, we should remember the slogan used by Shilpa which says: Yoga se hi hoga…


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