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Are you back? Shoppers say this £40 neck massager feels like you’re being massaged by a professional and provides ‘instant relief’ for achy muscles

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From uncomfortable working from home setups to an awkward night’s sleep, many of us will struggle with tension and stress at one point.

If you’re suffering from tense, sore muscles, then droves of Amazon shoppers are recommending the iKristin Neck Massager with Heat. And it’s currently on sale for under £39.99 (was £47.97).

Hailed as a ‘miracle machine’, the shiatsu massager can be used on most parts of the body (from shoulders to feet) for full body massage, all from the comfort of your own home. Backed by over 2,000 five-star reviews, users claim it provides ‘instant relief’ and feels like ‘pure bliss’.

The number one bestselling iKristin Neck Massager with Heat is on sale for £39.99 on Amazon for a limited time

The iKristin neck and shoulder massager can move freely to adapt to most parts of the body, targeting the areas you need it the most.

With various massage heads, shoppers claim it feels like an expert level massage whilst the heat function helps to melt away tension.


If you’re looking for a fast way to relieve muscle aches and soreness, then the tried-and-true iKristin Neck Massager with Heat could be a savvy investment.

Currently, on sale for £39.99, the massaging device is a fraction of the cost of booking a masseuse, but according to shoppers ‘genuinely feels like somebody is expertly massaging out all the knots’.

The enticingly priced device has even secured the number one top spot in Snap-on Neck Massager on Amazon, with shoppers raving about the performance, claiming it eases muscle tension and stress.

With various massage heads of different sizes, the iKristin Neck Massager works to mimic a deep tissue massage at home.

Kneading out knots at the touch of the button with four 3D massage nodes, the versatile neck massager uses Shiatsu based therapy to replace therapist’s hands, soothing tired muscles and relieving aches, just like a masseuse.

The ergonomic design cleverly fits the curved grooves of the head and neck but can be used all over the body wherever you’re experiencing aches or pains.

Better still, it comes with an optional heating function of 45 degrees, melting away stress and improving blood circulation.

The U-shaped massager is designed to be worn around your neck to target your neck, shoulders and upper back, but it can also be used on your legs, arms or abdomen

The U-shaped massager is designed to be worn around your neck to target your neck, shoulders and upper back, but it can also be used on your legs, arms or abdomen

The top-rated iKristin Neck Massager allows you to control the pressure at the exact point of tension so you can customize your deep tissue massage from home.

Shoppers have revealed how ‘pain is gone as if the whole back has been massaged by a professional’, leaving glowing reviews for the device.

One impressed user raved: ‘This is absolutely fantastic! I had been suffering with a sore back from stooped over at the laptop all day while working from home. This completely hits the spot and nicely removes any knots. Good speed settings and it’s a firm as you make it.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘I used to suffer with neck and shoulder pain due to working on a laptop all day and I cannot explain how much this massager helped. It’s so intense but feels so good, it really gets into the shoulders properly.’

A third penned: ‘The immediate relief I got from this as I hold all my tension in my neck and shoulders. I slept like a baby after my first use. Not much heat, but I was fine with that as for the massage balls, I felt like they were an actual masseuse’s fingers.’



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