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Summer fatigue is very common as the mercury goes up and the reasons range from exposure to heat, insomnia due to sleep discomfort and malnutrition caused by dehydration or lack of appetite. Eating right can take care of your summer blues and restore your energy levels as per experts. (Also read: Best summer foods to beat the heat and stay healthy)

A healthy breakfast can pack a nutritional punch at the starting of your day keeping you active throughout the day, while mindful munching that includes snacks like moong sprouts, legumes, nuts, and seeds can make sure you have enough vitamins and minerals in your system to keep you going. Since hydration plays an important role in your summer diet, instead of colas and other sugary beverages, make sure to go for healthy alternatives like kokum, lemonade, barley, and coconut water.

Fatigue, dehydration, migraine, and sluggishness are all symptoms of the summer blues that can catch you off-guard. Vijay Thakkar, a Functional Medicine and Disease Reversal Coach’s summer nutrition guide helps you choose the right foods to beat fatigue in the hot weather.


A breakfast of eggs can help you stay energized through the day (Pixabay)

*Include dairy and eggs in the Morning

Amino acids and good fats bound in eggs. Milk, on the other hand, is high in calcium and protein, both of which are necessary for an active body.

Eggs and milk together are extremely rich in protein, sodium, folate, selenium, and calcium. When you start your day with this breakfast combination, you’ll get a nutritional boost. This high-protein mix promotes muscle growth while preventing dehydration.


Watermelon (Pixabay)

*Include summer fruits

Watermelon, muskmelon, orange, pineapple, strawberries, mango, and other fruits with high water content are excellent choices for dehydration. Storing them in the fridge or freezer before eating is a way to hydrate and cool down.

These fruits can offer quick recovery and rejuvenation from dehydration due to heat.


Bottlegourd (HT PHOTO)

* Summer veggies for the main course

You may despise bottle gourds, ridge gourds, broccoli, karela, cucumbers, and a few other summer vegetables, but these veggies are wonderful for your health. They can help you avoid dehydration and keep you active as they provide a lot of water and potassium. These elements help maintain low blood pressure and electrolyte balance.


Sprouts (Shutterstock)

*Snack your way through

Foods such as green moong sprouts, spinach, legumes, nuts, and seeds contain several vitamins, minerals, and compounds. These foods replenish your magnesium supply, which is an ingredient affecting cells’ energy and metabolism. These foods can keep you safe from summer fatigue that results from mineral loss due to sweating.



* Staying hydrated in hot weather

Drinking water is a no-brainer if you want to stay hydrated. However, avoid drinking too much plain water, as it washes away minerals from your body, especially if you are using bottled water or RO.

Green tea, lemonade, or fresh coconut water will replenish your body with important minerals and vitamins. These drinks are great at recharging you midday and maintaining the electrolyte balance in your body.


Cinnamon (Pixabay)

*Include necessary spices

Small amounts of spices help in digestion and keep you safe from fatigue and infections. Spices such as ginger, pepper, cinnamon, rosemary, garlic, etc. are a few of the ingredients you can consume with food.


* Energy-absorbing foods must be avoided

Caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc., may cause temporary alertness, but ultimately lead to dehydration and fatigue.

Another overrated category of drinks includes those with high sugar content. Sugar affects the production of orexin in our brains, which can cause a feeling of tiredness and appetite.


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