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Yahoo Finance’s Rick Newman joins the Live show to discuss Brian Kemp beating David Perdue in the Republican primary for Georgia governor.

Video Transcript

BRIAN CHEUNG: On the politics front, Brian Kemp won the Georgia Republican primary for governor. The incumbent saw a challenge from Trump-backed candidate David Perdue. Kemp will now face off against Democrat Stacey Abrams as he hopes for re-election to the governorship. Here with more is Yahoo Finance’s Rick Newman. Rick, again, not the only loss that should be noted yesterday in those primaries for Trump-backed candidates. Do you think there’s anything to be read from that as far as possible election wins in 2024?

RICK NEWMAN: Oh yeah, I think so. Georgia is basically Trump’s Waterloo. Of course, he lost the state in an upset win for Joe Biden in 2020. Then he tried to get those two Republican senators reelected in Georgia. That flopped as well, which is why Democrats now control the Senate. And now he tried to get Brian Kemp, the current governor, unelected. He also campaigned against the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger. And that’s important because Raffensperger was the guy who basically told Trump in 2020, got out of our election. We’re counting our own votes, and we’re counting them correctly.

So Trump tried to get rid of those guys. And I like the intro. They called this Trump’s Revenge Tour. Yep, it’s hit a rough patch here. And when I look at what’s happening in these elections, I’d like the audience to just ask themselves this question– what does Trump stand for these days? And these Trump-backed candidates who get his endorsement from him, what do they stand for? What policy do they endorse? Nothing really comes to mind. It’s really just all about perpetuating the lie from 2020 that Trump actually won the presidential election. I did not.

And I just can’t imagine this has a lot of resonance with that many voters anymore, even Republicans. I mean, this is two years ago. It’s going to be four years by the time we get to the presidential in 2024. And there’s a lot of stuff happening in the country that we need to be thinking about now, instead of going back to the past. So it seems to me voters are just–Trump fatigue is setting in. And people are just getting a little bit tired of hearing Trump talk about 2020.

AKIKO FUJITA: Even within the Republican Party is, I guess, the question here. But speaking of Georgia, Herschel Walker running against Raphael Warnock, that’s going to be an interesting one, obviously, because the balance of the Senate is in play here. But how do you see that playing out?

RICK NEWMAN: So I guess, Trump could say, this is a victory for him because he has supported Herschel Walker, whom I think he has considered a friend for some time. Herschel Walker is a very controversial candidate. He said controversial things. My understanding of his stance on abortion, which is going to be a big issue in these elections in November, is, he wants complete bans on abortion with no exceptions. That’s a pretty extremist view, even among some Republicans.

And you’re right. That election– I mean, there are some other races that are going to determine the outcome of the Senate. But that is one of them because Democrats, in a very unusual flip, have both Senate seats in Georgia. And one of them, the one you mentioned, is up for re-election this year. So I think Herschel Walker makes it a little more likely that Raphael Warnock may hold on to that seat. But it’s probably going to be close. I mean, we should remember, even though Biden won Georgia, it is still basically a red state with many conservative voters and a Republican governor.

AKIKO FUJITA: Just over five months to go, Rick. A crazy five months, busy five months ahead. Thanks so much for–

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