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The Met Gala, which took place in New York last week, saw celebrities and influencers turning up in their best or what they thought was best. And social media users passed their comments with no fear or favour. However, if there’s one look that’s caught the attention of the public, it’s reality television influencer Kim Kardashian, who wore Marilyn Monroe’s dress at the Met Gala. This has raised eyebrows as reports point out how she lost 16 pounds (7.2 kg approx) to wear the dress. While many applauded her for her determination, others felt her influence on the public might send across a wrong message.

Image consultant Babita Jaishankar says, “It’s definitely unhealthy to put yourself through such a process for just one event. However, it depends on the support system you have for it. In the case of Kim, she leads a lifestyle where she’s surrounded by cameras, deals with paparazzi and is always in the limelight. Maybe she had a really good nutritionist or had some help to deal with the external factor — we’re not too sure about it. But this is not possible or healthy for someone leading a normal life.”

She points out that running around doing chores and cutting down carbs can affect one’s energy level. “When my clients come to me with similar demands, I always tell them to have an aspirational or a look board to see what they are looking for in a person. This differs from person to person and can be inspirations they draw from people on social media or someone they know,” she explains, adding that people are now more aware that what they see on social media isn’t always true.

Akshitha Basavaraju, a certified fitness specialist, had shared her post-pregnancy weight loss last year. While she received positive comments, she also received criticism from some who felt it was impossible to lose weight within a few weeks of birth. “How your body reacts post-pregnancy entirely depends on how you’ve taken care of yourself during the nine months,” she says. However, she doesn’t recommend anyone to starve themselves or go through a rigorous process to get ‘the look’. “Kim Kardashian had a set goal and she did everything to achieve it. How she did it and what she went through to make it possible isn’t something I would recommend to anyone because it’s not the healthiest process and can backfire once you’ve stopped following that schedule,” Basavaraju says.

Nutritionist Keertana Ramu highlights that an influencer of Kim’s stature could be sending out the wrong message. “Many struggled with their weight loss journey. People follow very strict diets for weddings or certain events but cutting out nutritional elements for two weeks is problematic,” she says.

For planned annual events like the Met, Ramu feels like Kim’s message could have been that she’s been working towards achieving the goal much before than just waiting for the last minute. “The process can be stressful,” she says, adding that it could cause damage to skin, hair and overall health. Ramu, instead, advises people to keep their health top priority and work consistently for best long-term results.

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