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90 Day Fiancé alum Mahogany Roca looks very different in her new IG weight loss reveal. She’s not afraid of showing off her skin in her racy OOTD.

shaper 90 Day Fiancé star Mahogany Roca looked very different in her glamorous new look following her drastic weight loss. The real reason why Mahogany used filters on her Instagram and Facebook photos has never been revealed. Love interest Ben Rathbun fell for Mahogany despite her edited photos on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. He wanted to get married to Mahogany within just three months of them meeting online. Ben had even told his children about his plan of getting Mahogany to America as a wife on the TLC show. Back then, 52-year-old Ben believed that Mahogany was 24 years old.

It was after Ben finally met Mahogany in person that he found out she had been lying about her age. Mahogany was only 22, the same as Ben’s oldest daughter’s age. She also claimed she wanted her parents to meet Ben before they could start a serious relationship. Mahogany invited Ben to a mysteriously rented apartment and lied to Ben that it was hers. It was there that Mahogany’s parents met the man who was 30 years her senior. Over the course of Before the 90 Days, Mahogany showed she was interested in Ben, but she still hesitated about confirming their relationship. Mahogany finally got together with Ben when he went to Peru the second time without a camera crew.


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Little has been revealed about Ben and Mahogany’s current relationship status since fans saw them on the Tell-All. Around Valentine’s Day this year, Mahogany and Ben were spotted walking hand in hand in a mall in Lima by a 90 Day Fiancé fan. Because the photos were blurry, perhaps Mahogany’s weight loss makeover wasn’t really revealed in them. Mahogany recently started posting her pictures on social media that show how slim she is now. While Mahogany does use filters from time to time, she’s refrained from photoshopping her trim figure in her new pics. Mahogany showed off her weight loss in an Instagram story which she captioned using “#italianfood.”

Mahogany Roca Weight Loss Gym Instagram In 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days

The mirror selfie showed Mahogany holding up an iPhone and sitting on a bed. With her hair tied up in a loose knot, Mahogany wore a little black dress. On the show, Mahogany always had her brown hair falling down her shoulders, but this updo really suits the young law student well. the 90 Day Fiancé star paired her sultry outfit with chunky black heels. With one leg raised up to show her strappy shoes, Mahogany also made sure to flaunt her toned limbs. Mahogany may not have shared more details about the occasion she was so dressed up for. But Mahogany using the hashtag “#90dayfiancé” so prominently on her snap could suggest she’s might be making her comeback to the franchise.

The controversial Before the 90 Days couple had recently launched their own YouTube channel. On it, Ben and Mahogany posted a video in which they promised to answer the burning questions from fans. A different now-deleted video was a compilation of the footage the two 90 Day Fiancé stars during Ben’s Peru trip before the Tell-All. They could be seen going on dates and sharing steamy kisses on camera which more or less is a hint of where their 90 Day Fiancé relationship stands. But the secrecy that Ben and Mahogany are maintaining on social media right now does suggest a lot has happened between them after the show ended. Ben has deleted his Instagram, and Mahogany can’t stop teasing her 42.4k followers with her racy updates.

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Source: Mahogany Roca/Instagram

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