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The American Hair Loss Association recently accepted Advanced Trichology’s collection of nutraceutical products for hair loss, hair growth, and scalp health as a Trusted Brand. According to Advanced Trichology, it’s the association’s first nutraceutical and non-minoxidil topical formula approval.

Founded by certified trichologist William Gaunitz, FWTS, Advanced Trichology’s goal is to normalize and increase the conversation surrounding hair loss.

“Advanced Trichology’s nutraceutical line is the first and only nutraceutical line ever approved by the American Hair Loss Association because of its 20 years of clinical efficacy, the company’s commitment to client satisfaction, transparency of manufacturing and dedication to purity standards. No other line had ever compiled the necessary qualifications to meet the standards of the American Hair Loss Association,”Gaunitz said.

The American Hair Loss Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocacy of consumers suffering from alopecia and providing education, resources, and support.

Product line up

The following products will now feature the American Hair Loss Association seal on all packaging:

  • FoliGROWTH Vitamin – An ingestible supplement that delivers a combination of 28 herbs and vitamins to create a foundation for maximum hair growth. FoliGROWTH was developed using clinical research at the Evolution Hair Loss Institute, the clinical counterpart of Advanced Trichology. Specifically designed to target nutritional hair loss, the most common type of loss, FoliGROWTH aims to maximize the bioavailability of vitamin D3, iron, and B complex for nutritional uptake into the hair.
  • DHT Blocker with Immune Support – Targeting pattern hair loss, the DHT Blocker exclusively functions to mitigate DHT impact on hair follicles. The ingredients aim to boost blood circulation to encourage new hair follicle growth, help collagen fibers interlock, increase the production of keratin and collagen, improve digestion, enhance nutrient absorption and support the immune system.
  • NutraM Revitalizing Scalp Serum – The melatonin and DHT blockers work to reduce the effects of thinning hair and help calm telogen effluvium, reduce shedding, and assist in hair regrowth.


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