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Savanna Chilled Chilli (Business Insider SA / Phumi Ramalepe)

  • Premium cider brand Savanna recently launched Savanna Chilled Chilli.
  • Some of our tasters said it had a nostalgic ginger beer taste to it, while others didn’t get the hype around it.
  • One taser gave it a 10/10 while the lowest score was 5/10.
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Premium cider brand Savannah recently launched Savanna Chilled Chilli, and after trying it out for the first time, most of our tasters said it’s worth having in stock but not as good as the original.

The new Savanna Chilled Chilli cider, available in a 330ml bottle, promises the crisp, dry premium cider experience from the original Savanna, with hints of ginger and chilli at the end.

Savanna Chilled Chilli event at the BS Bar Parkhur

Savanna Chilled Chilli event. BS Bar pop up, Parkhurst (Business Insider / Phumi Ramalepe)

The brand, owned by Distell, partnered with Nando’s to create the unusual cider flavour.

“At the most we were inspired by South African people, the spiciest of them all. Our intention with this campaign is really to bring back to life, showcase the spice that we know and love about our people.

Savanna Chilled Chilli cider (Business Insider Phu

Savanna Chilled Chilli cider (Business Insider / Phumi Ramalepe)

“It’s all poetically linked to our Siyavanna SA Campaign. It pushed the boundary, it’s unexpected and really in a world of very normal innovation, we thought why not summon the spirit of the South African people, push the boundary and introduce something that’s really spicy ,” Savanna Brand Manager Kayla Hendricks told Business Insider South Africa.

With red chilli symbols on the bottle, the new cider is hard to miss, and after giving it a try, our tasters – who thought it tastes more like traditional ginger beer – had some spicy opinions about it.

“I actually love it more than the dry,” said one taster. “It’s not necessarily spicy. It’s got like a gingery taste to it. More like gems (gingers).

“I though it was going to be spicy and cause heart burn but nothing like that,” she said.

One other taster seemed to agree that it has a ginger beer taste to it and that it reminded her of the good old days.

“It surprised me. It surprisingly tastes good,” she said. “It tastes like gems. There was a nostalgic energy that I got from it. Like this tastes familiar but it’s new. I know it but I don’t know it.”


“I will say that it’s very light, which is great considering that most of us are driving,” she said, adding that the original is still best.

“I still prefer Savanna Dry, but this is not bad at all. I just wouldn’t go as far as switching to Chilled Chilli. That’s my honest opinion,” she said.

Another one of our tasters who wasn’t a fan said it tasted just like the original Savanna cider, but only got spicy after many sips.


Savanna Chilled Chilli Cider

Savanna Chilled Chilli cider (Savanna Cider Instagram)

Our taster, who was glad she did not experience heartburn from the drink, gave it a solid 10/10, and said she’d consider leaving the old for the new.

“I’m even thinking of switching from the dry to the chilled chilli. It’s good. The ginger is not too strong or light, it’s nice and has a good balance,” she said.

Our other taster scored it a 7/10. “I mean if it says chilli, I would want to taste and feel the chilliness more,” she said.

For its nostalgic vibe, our button gave it a 7.5 /10. “I don’t think I can go the whole night on it. I wouldn’t leave the original for this one. Original is best. I would want to have it in my stock. It has to be part of the crew,” she said.

The lowest score it received is a 5/10, since it wasn’t as different as one of our tasters expected.

“When they dropped the Savanna Loco and Savanna Lemon, you could distinguish the taste. This one tastes the same, but just feel different on the tongue,” he said.

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