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Mexican singer and vocalist for Grupo Firme Eduin Caz was rushed to hospital after a concert that took place on Saturday, 7th May in Mexico City’s Foro Sol.

A chronic hernia condition was affected by Caz’s eating and drinking habits over the weekend, eventually leaving him in intense pain and resulting in an ambulance trip to a local clinic.

Find out why the artist was taken to the emergency room and explore more details of his health background.

Photo by Medios y Media/Getty Images

Eduin Caz hospitalised after Grupo Firme concert

After Grupo Firme’s Foro Sol concert on Saturday, 7th May 2022, Eduin Caz was rushed to a hospital in Mexico and taken to the emergency room due to implications surrounding a chronic condition he has.

The Regional Mexican band performed in front of their Foro Sol audience in Mexico City that evening, before a video began to circulate online showing vocalist Eduin Caz on a stretcher while departing an ambulance, as per Real America News reports.

The footage was reportedly posted on Instagram during the early hours of the following day (Sunday, 8th May) and worried many fans as Caz was shown receiving medical attention.

Hours later, the artist then shared a message via his Instagram page in which he assured supporters that he is fine, stating that he would share more details later and thanking his fans for their concerns.

Why was the vocalist rushed to the hospital?

The 27-year-old has a chronic hernia and although he was told that he shouldn’t be drinking, he reportedly forgot about this and “got really drunk during two back-to-back shows, and ate a lot of food afterwards” , this, therefore, affecting his condition.

A hernia is recognized as a sometimes painful bulge that can cause severe health complications if it progresses.

@eduincaz shared a nearly ten-minute long video with his large Instagram following to explain the situation to fans, assuring viewers that he does not take drugs and only likes to drink alcohol before stating:

“Those who are my real fans know I have a chronic hernia and I was told I shouldn’t be drinking. That day I totally forgot,”

The singer continued:

“My stomach was burning. I woke up Saturday with stomach pain and diarrhea and took some meds. I also drank that day, but now, with medicine in my system.”

In terms of his symptoms, Caz reportedly felt his entire body burning up before he couldn’t hold the pain and fainted. The ambulance then arrived and took him to a local clinic where he took pain medicine and a specialist explained that this was caused by heartburn.

The Grupo Firme member also said that his “vocal cords burned, and my chest and back felt on fire”.

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More about the Mexican singer’s condition

In the same Instagram video, @eduincaz expressed how he has to focus on his health and begin his exercise and dieting plan from scratch.

Before explaining what had happened on social media himself, incorrect information had leaked about Caz online so the vocalist wanted to put rumors to rest and explain why he was hospitalised, concluding:

“I just wanted to make this video to let my fans know I’m fine and not to believe everything you read.”

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