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TALLAHASSEE, Fla .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Elemy (, the Nationwide provider of childhood behavioral and mental healthcare, today announced plans to increase health care workers in the state of Florida to keep up with the growing demand of families seeking help for children with Autism and other healthcare issues. The company has launched Ecademy: a fully-paid 3-month training and certification program for Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBTs), with the goal of hiring in Florida, where 345 families are currently waitlisted in the state to be screened and matched with an RBT . The innovative approach to training and hiring clinical Talent will allow Elemy to bring the industry-standard two-year wait time to a few weeks. Click here to see what its like to be an RBT at Elemy.

“Florida currently doesn’t have enough RBTs to keep up with the demand for care, and many parents are running into a two-year wait period for their child to be matched with care providers,” said Cathrin Bowtell, Chief Growth Officer, Elemy. “The Covid-19 Pandemic has inspired many Americans to seek out more Meaningful Careers. This dynamic is contributing to Elemy’s success in recruiting, training, and onboarding the next generation of mental healthcare professionals across the country. ”

Elemy also announced an expansion of its Autism Diagnostics in Tampa and Orlando. The company now has contracts with 90 percent of the insurance payers within the state, allowing families to fast-track an autism screening with a clinical psychologist within a month versus the average six months to a year wait period in Florida. Elemy plans to hire an additional nine clinical psychologists and nine assistants from the Tampa, Orlando, and Miami regions this year to keep pace with high and growing demand.

“Florida families face the Greatest bottleneck getting children into care; verifying benefits and booking an initial screening alone can take up to two years. By architecting the industry’s most innovative care model, we’re able to get families into care four times faster, “said Bowtell.” Time-to-care is incredibly important when you’re in the middle of a national mental health crisis, recognizing that every second matters when a child is in need of help. ”

An estimated 1.5 million children are diagnosed with Autism, but there are only 115,238 Registered Behavioral Technicians in the US

Elemy’s state-by-state childhood care data shows the longest delays in receiving diagnosis and therapy. Florida and Colorado lead in wait times to verify benefits for an initial mental and behavioral health screening, 150 and 179 days, respectively. It takes an additional 98 days (FL) and 150 days (CO) to begin a care program.

Ecademy is an instructor-led program that provides trainees with hands-on experience with family cases and care for children with Autism. Elemy provides participants with an Hourly Wage to complete the program and covers the cost of two fittings for the RBT exam. Prior work experience in behavioral care is not required – people will instead be fully certified through the program. Upon certification, Elemy will find immediate placements for RBTs in high-need regions.

Elemy’s Ecademy plans to address the Designated Health Professional Shortage Areas and the largest markets where families wait several months before being matched with an RBT. Elemy will be focused on finding RBT placements in the Orlando-Kissimmee-Lakeland, FL and Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL areas. Interested individuals can apply on the Elemy website or

About Elemy:

Elemy is a Nationwide provider of childhood behavioral and mental healthcare. Our world-class clinical team and industry-first technology work together to transform today’s inefficient system plagued by long waits, fragmented care, and poor long-term outcomes. Elemy launched childhood Autism care in April 2020 with just four employees and has since grown to 1,500 people, serving five states and 18 cities Nationwide. While the company has made great Traction in childhood Autism – including an 83% reduction in problem behaviors and an 88% increase in new skills – Elemy will launch into new verticals in May 2022. Elemy is well-funded by some of the best venture capital and healthcare investors including General Catalyst, SoftBank, Founders Fund, and more. To learn more, please visit

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