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I don’t have anything against the health food-store variety of clean beauty products (some of my favorite finds lurk among the granola), but it’s hard to top Kjaer Weis for high-quality ingredients in drop-dead gorgeous packaging. The luxury brand’s formulas are just that good, especially if you want “rich girl skin” that looks like you’ve spent thousands on expensive treatments — and through May 28, the brand’s holding a sitewide 25 percent off sale.

That’s great news, because the one downside to many Kjaer Weis products is their admittedly steep price tags. Per shoppers, beauty editors, and celebrity fan Emma Watson, though, you get what you pay for: InStyle writer Tamim Alnuweiri loves the brand’s the Beautiful Primer for a moisturizing base that grips onto makeup, and fans with “dry, mature skin” echo that it leaves them with a soft-focus glow. A 75-year-old user is especially enamored, writing that with the primer on, they look great with no makeup.

The brand’s refillable Im-Possible Mascara is another hit among InStyle staffers, myself included. I was first turned onto the glossy scarlet tube by writer Melissa Epifano’s stellar review: The curling, lengthening formula lasted her through long days and naps without flakes or smudging. Even with literally dozens of mascaras on my vanity, I come back to it whenever I want my lashes to look superbly lush and glamorous.

Also beloved is Kjaer Weis’s Beautiful Facial Oil, a certified-organic ditty that one 66-year-old said “definitely minimizes wrinkles.” Other fans go so far as to call it “magic,” since the blend of rosehip oil, paracress, and air yam extract “relaxed” their fine lines and soothed their rosacea. How? Rosehip oil is a vitamin A precursor, and per a 2021 study in the International Journal of Cosmetic Scienceparacress extract has a “rapid” effect on expression lines.

That checks out, according to reviewers. A 55-year-old with chronically dry skin raved that the oil left their face “super soft and dewy” — and a 74-year-old said they were “amazed” to see their wrinkles softened within a week of using the face oil twice daily. After using it for a year, a different person said their face looks “younger, smoother, and healthy.”

To date, one of the saddest beauty moments I’ve experienced was coming home and seeing that my cat had knocked Kjaer Weis’s Eye Balm off my bathroom counter. It had shattered, as did my heart. I’d barely made a dent in the uber-moisturizing balm, which, like the Beautiful Oil, relies on air yam, paracress, beeswax, and rosehip seed oil for antioxidant protection.

The formula has shoppers in the palm of its hand, too: As one devotee wrote, it glided on like butter and diminished their fine lines with ease. A 66-year-old said it keeps her eye area hydrated and wrinkles minimized, and is “definitely worth every penny.” Other users saw their dark circles improve so much, they’ve repurchased it three times — definitely a vote of confidence for a normally $65 product.

Curious about the rest of the brand? Shop the best of the Kjaer Weis sale’s highlights below before it ends.


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