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Skin care tips: Taking care of your skin is a task that requires time, precision, and attention. There are so many factors that contribute to a good skin care regimen. Understanding your skin type and what suits your skin can help choose the ideal skincare routine. A good skincare routine and healthy life choices can help in maintaining glowing and radiant skin with low chances of wrinkles. It also prevents various skin diseases. On the other hand, a bad skincare routine can accelerate aging and cause breakouts. Dermatologists and makeup brands have come up with a variety of products that can help protect the skin from UV damage and aid in cleaning pores and dead skin cells, giving one a natural glow. Our everyday lifestyle and eating habits also have a major impact on our skin. A good diet is essential for healthy-looking skin.Also Read – 8 Ways Lauric Acid Can Boost Your Overall Health

However, determining what works for your skin takes time. It’s common to feel as though your skin isn’t improving or showing a radiant look no matter how hard you try. You may be wondering why this happens even with the use of the best products. While some practices and products are more suitable for certain skin types, there are certain habits that are bad for your skin despite its type. Avoiding these habits will go a long way in creating a healthy long-term skincare routine. Also Read – 7 Benefits of Using Ice Cubes on Your Face For Refreshing Skincare Regime

Ravina JainFounder & CEO, The Skin Story & The Beard Story shares list of 7 skincare mistakes you should avoid.
Picking the wrong products: Also Read – 7 Skincare Hacks to Avoid White Cast After Sunscreen

Understanding your skin is the first step to caring for it. Wrong products can highly damage your skin causing redness, irritation, and swelling.

Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells. However, over-scrubbing the skin can harm the healthy skin cells and the new layer of skin. They made the skin more sensitive and highly prone to UV damage. It also makes the skin feel raw and causes redness.

  • Not drinking enough water:

We have all heard that having a good intake of water is the best way to achieve glowing skin. It acts as the best antioxidant as water has a balanced Ph level which helps in flushing toxins, prevents acne, reduces wrinkles, and provides a good elasticity. However, dehydration can cause skin dryness and makes the skin look dull.

Sun exposure is by far the biggest factor for prematurely aging. A good sunscreen needs to be made a part of the daily routine as it helps prevent UV damage and reduces the chances of wrinkles.

  • Going to bed with makeup on:

Our skin is exposed to pollution, dirt, and oil throughout the day that builds upon the surface of the skin. Neglecting the step of wiping off your make-up before going to bed can lead to irritation, clogged pores, breakouts, and dull skin.

  • Irregular sleeping patterns:

Our skin undergoes a natural repair process when we sleep. If one keeps pulling all night due to exams or some important presentations, it will lead to baggy eyes and dark circles.. It will also prevent the skin from healing naturally.

Stress causes acne breakouts and other skin problems and leads to dull-looking skin. To encourage healthy skin, it is important to manage stress better.

By just avoiding certain unhealthy habits and following a proper skincare routine, one can achieve glowing, radiant, and youthful-looking skin.

  • Hydrate a lot
  • Don’t forget sunscreen
  • Use products according to skin type

Sweat becomes easily trapped inside tight-knit clothing, which can lead to acne, irritation, and other problems. Even though you may rush from the gym back to work—or even straight home—Schlessinger stresses the importance of showering ASAP.


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