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Yes, the BTS boys are incredible, and there isn’t a single individual who can equal their flawless dance routines. But, beyond their onscreen personas, it’s clear that they lead frantic lives filled with performances, appearances, and travel, all of which necessitate the usage of a lot of makeup. Their complexion suffers as a result of this, and their skin might also appear weary and drab. But, if you’re curious about how singer V combats dull skin, read on. V’s skincare routine has gone viral, and we’ve compiled all of the details so you may follow in his footsteps and achieve his glow. Use a nourishing cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type to wash your face. The next step is to prepare your skin.

V cleans his face with a cotton pad and toner. (His dermatologist advised him to use a cotton pad rather than his fingertips.) V goes on to say that it’s crucial to apply the serum under the eyes and massage it well. The following step is to apply a face serum. A moisturizer that is both moisturizing and nourishing is essential. It’s even more crucial to pat your face dry after applying the lotion. V makes sure to apply the cream liberally under his eyes and behind his ears, and the crimson runs between his fingers. That’s not all, though. He applies an extra dab of cream before bed to keep his skin moisturized while he sleeps. V moisturizes his palms and gives his nails and fingers a good massage after moisturizing his face because of all the work they do.

The musician, who is known for his jewelry, makes it a point not to wear it to bed. The most important thing is to use a lot of lip balm to keep your lips from drying out. He claims that the ideal way to apply the lip balm is to put a small amount on your finger and apply it like toothpaste to a brush, then brushes it off. And, of course, no skincare routine is complete without plenty of water.

Source – Zoom TV Entertainment

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