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Carla Challis

The demand for anti-pollution skincare products is on the rise as we all head back to the office and into the city. Grime, toxic air, exhaust fumes are all having a negative effect on our skin – after sun exposure, it’s been dubbed as one of the biggest causes of premature aging, dehydration, dullness and skin sensitivity. We knew there was a reason we loved to WFH.

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The beauty industry is one step ahead with plenty of back to the office skincare to protect and strengthen your skin from those pesky pollution and environmental aggressors, including ESPA’s latest Tri-Active™ Resilience range – the supercharged, antioxidant-filled products even work wonders for those who are sleep-deprived, stare at screens all day or who find their skin on the acne-prone side.

How does pollution affect the skin?

Simply speaking, pollution (and pollutants) can cause the skin to generate free radicals, leading to skin sensitivity. The more sensitive the skin, the more prone it can be to things like hyperpigmentation, redness, dullness and premature aging.

How to protect skin from pollution

Limiting exposure to pollutants is the easiest way to keep skin balanced and happy, but since that’s almost impossible, look to products that are designed to strengthen the skin’s barrier and boost its defenses against free radicals. Want to turn your skin from dull and dismal to radiant and happy? These are the best anti-pollution products to try…


Tri-Active™ Resilience Detox & Purify Cleanser, £49/$80, ESPA


This cleanser melts into a luxurious, rich oil to sweep away every scrap of grime and pollution from your skin. The product includes Rose Extract for instantly radiant skin, Cornish Clay to deeply cleanse and purify and Biome-Balancing Marine Complex to help strengthen the skin and make it more resilient against daily aggressors.

Plus, it’s packed with moisture-inducing properties to leave skin feeling soft and hydrated.

top tip: Double or even triple cleanse at night if you’ve been exposed to pollution to ensure super clean skin.

Top reviews: “Absolutely love this cleanser, my skin feels so clean after, and it really feels like it gets rid of all the grime I’ve picked up from being out and about during the day. I’ve noticed my skin (quite acne prone) break out much less since using this daily, too.”


Tri-Active™ Resilience Pro-Biome Serum, £84/$144, ESPA


The serum is a powerhouse against skin stressors, with a unique blend of Plants Actives, Marine Actives and Aromatherapy ingredients to help defend skin and make it more resilient. It also brightens and energizes, restoring skin back to its former glory and evening skin tone.

Tip: Apply using fingertips and take the product down to your neck and décolleté to protect the delicate skin there, too.

Top review: “My skin is plump and radiant, I’m always complimented on my makeup since using this! I have a lot of redness and this also calms it down- I’ve never found any product that makes a difference. It’s been a miracle for my skin!”

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espa moisturizer

Tri-Active™ Resilience Pro-Biome Moisturiser, £85/$153, ESPA


This is a does it all moisturizer for even the most sensitive of skin. Packed with antioxidant protection, the lightweight yet rich texture supports the skin’s natural microbiome for firmer, and more elastic skin. Formulated with a blend of pre and probiotic ingredients, it works with the skin’s natural barrier to restore and nurture it and protect it from free radicals.

Users have called it a ‘gamechanger’ for healthier skin.

Tip: Feeling stressed? One of the product’s key ingredients, neroli, is known for calming and comforting – when applying, take a few deep breaths to reap the benefits.

Top review: “It feels rich enough to do the job, yet light enough to be easily absorbed into the skin. My skin has quickly shown the benefits of it, feeling plumped, supple and more elastic as well as well-nourished. I will keep using this skin savior!”


Tri-Active™ Resilience Pro-Active Eye Treatment, £69/$117, ESPA


Nothing gives the game away quite like tired, puffy eyes – this eye treatment has been clinically proven to brighten. Giving the delicate eye area antioxidant protection, it acts as an anti-inflammatory treatment whilst hydrating and smoothing, as well as brightening dark circles.

top tip: Apply under the brow, as well as under the eye, for an extra lift.

Top reviews: “I noticed a difference especially with dehydration around my eye area and puffiness – after only 3/4 days using it, I noticed a massive difference.”


Tri-Active™ Resilience Rest & Recovery Night Balm, £63/$65, ESPA


Skin works its hardest while you’re sleeping, and this Night Balm works in tandem with your skin’s natural recovery state to make it stronger and replenished, reducing signs of stress on the skin.

top tip: When applying, smooth a thin layer before using the fingertips to tap into the skin – helps to awaken the skin and penetrate the product deeper into the skin.

Top reviews: “This is fabulous. From the feel of the balm to the glorious aroma which helps you relax for sleep I will be buying this again.”

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Tri-Active™ Resilience SOS Skin Clearing Serum, £69/$75, ESPA


When your skin throws up a flare and looks stressed and blemish prone, ESPA’s SOS serum is a soothing savior to help it calm down, rebalance, and restore.

Designed as both a quick fix to instantly soothe, hydrate, and clear the complexion, with continued use, it works to prevent future flare-ups by strengthening the skin.

top tip: Apply twice a day after cleansing and toning to keep breakouts and redness at bay.

Top reviews: “This is by far the best product I have tried, particularly in terms of the immediate results. The scent is lovely and so is the complexion of your skin. After only a few days of application, it seems to clear out the skin from all impurities and leaves an even feel and look. Wonderful!”

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