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YOUTHFULNESS has often been considered synonymous with beauty over many generations.

Women everywhere are curious to learn age-defying tricks that will keep you looking younger for as long as possible


Taylor Hage shares 10 tips to look younger with her followers on TikTokCredit: Tiktok

TikToker and skincare expert Taylor Hage posted a video sharing 10 secrets to a long-lasting youthful glow.

She’s been complimented for her looks by social media users in the past with people asking her if she’s aged backward.

She starts her video by saying: “I definitely didn’t age backward, but I did change my lifestyle in my late 20s.”

Taylor’s first tip is to cut back on alcohol consumption.

She says she barely ever drinks any alcohol at all anymore these days.

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Her second tip is all about getting enough sleep at night.

For Taylor, getting at least eight hours of sleep per night is a top priority.

Drinking plenty of water every day is another important tip to follow if you want to maintain a youthful glow.

Taylor admits that she didn’t drink enough water back in the day, but now she owns a special water bottle to keep track.

The bottle she uses is worth $9.38 on Amazon.

Another tip from Taylor is to take all the necessary daily vitamins you might need every 24 hours.

She says: “I never used to take my vitamins, but now I finally do!”

Exercising at least three times a week is another major benefit, according to Taylor.

Taylor encourages her TikTok followers to start taking daily vitamins


Taylor encourages her TikTok followers to start taking daily vitaminsCredit: Tiktok

She explains that she always feels so much better after a workout.

Taking care of your skin with a repetitive routine both in the morning and at night is also super important.

In Taylor’s TikTok video, she holds up a handful of skincare products that she uses religiously.

Taking off your makeup before going to bed and before you go to the gym is another tip from Taylor to help maintain a youthful appearance.

A skincare routine is incredibly important, according to Taylor


A skincare routine is incredibly important, according to TaylorCredit: Tiktok

She references her younger years saying: “This is a no-brainer, but I actually never did it [before]!”

The next tip on Taylor’s list is taking better care of your hair.

She says: “I never took care of my hair. It was so damaged, and I feel like it aged me.”

Taylor also mentions how much changing her diet improved her life and appearance.

Taylor says you should skip your visits to the tanning salon if you want to look younger


Taylor says you should skip your visits to the tanning salon if you want to look youngerCredit: Tiktok

She explains that she started consuming fewer carbs and dairy products, and started eating fruits and veggies instead.

Taylor’s final piece of advice is to stop going to professional tanning salons.

She says to start using sunscreen and self-tanner instead to prevent your skin from aging faster than it’s supposed to.

There are tons of people in Taylor’s comment section who appreciate her advice about how to look youthful forever.

One woman wrote: “I do all of these too. I am 31 and look 21 so must work!”

“I do all of these exact same things and I just turned 50. Such great advice!” another woman posted.

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