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STATEWIDE – There’s a new skincare product manufactured in Maine that reveals a correlation between lobster proteins and the repair of skin barriers.

The company Marin Skincare was first launched in 2020 with a new product that soothes the reactions from eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Now the product has found a connection to healing Brown-tail moth rashes.

CEO & Co-founder of Marin Patrick Breeding said “We are bio-engineers that work with lobster scientists at UMaine and discovered that in the same way this protein helps lobster regenerate claws, it could actually help repair the skin barrier.”

After partnering with Luke’s Lobster Pier in Portland, founders Patrick Breeding, and Amber Boutiette discovered a connection between their skincare product and Maine’s wildly known Brown-tail moth caterpillars.

“The rash that it causes are actually the Brown-tail moths’ furs getting in the skin barrier and causing contact dermatitis,” said Breeding.

Their company received an abundance of reviews online and through private emails from consumers, saying their product was clearing their Brown-tail moth rashes.

So what does any scientist do when there are new claims? Simply begin your research.

Breeding said “So we finally made this understanding… oh, it’s actually contact dermatitis. So, in the same way, these proteins found in lobsters were able to help with eczema and dermatitis it was helping people with the Brown-tail caterpillar rash.”

When discussing resources and how many lobsters the company would need to sustain its success, Breeding said Lukes Lobster Pier could provide 50 million dollars in revenue worth of the protein that otherwise would be flushed down the drain.

He continued to say that the protein is so effective at hydrating, repairing, and soothing the skin barrier, they need very little to produce their product.

“At the end of the day, we found this really cool natural resource from Maine’s most sustainable fisheries and most iconic fishery. We are excited to be able to turn this stuff that’s going down the drain into something useful and to be able to help people scratch their own itch,” said Breeding.

Many customers have seen great results and according to Breeding, Marin has grown 400% over its first year.

“I think when you have something that really dramatically changes people’s lives, they give you a lot of feedback and they become invested in the brand, and fielding that feedback has become really important,” said Breeding.

Maine just had one of its worst Brown-tail moth seasons this past year (2021) and experts are saying there are signs 2022 could continue a years-long outbreak of the invasive insect.

With all the growth and success Marin has seen in its early days, Breeding said while their goal is to become a national and international brand, they have no plans to sell this to big pharma and have all the intentions of keeping Maine heritage as the highlight of their business.

Breeding stated, “Our goal is not to create vanity 9-step skincare routines, it’s to solve big problems.”

The company is working on new products for scalp psoriasis, as well as a rebranding coming this September.

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