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When you are in your Teens means (Age 13 – 19) or nearing your teens, it is called Tween (Age group between 8 to 12), you must learn to nurture and pamper your skin every single day with the suitable technique and products.

You just need to remain aware of the condition, changes that your body is feeling internally and externally and maintain control over the skin renewals. Teens and acnes are no surprise and there are many factors that lead to this condition such as teenage anxiety and stress, puberty, hormonal imbalances, poor lifestyle, oil-buildups, excitement of trying new skincare products and makeup, etc. etc. However, interestingly, teen skin can recover much more quickly from any difficult situations only if they have right knowledge & patience.

Let’s take our tweens and teens through some skin care tips by Makeup artist Mansi Lakhwani and remember, we are not talking about only girls here. Apparently, teenage boys produce more oil than girls do. Rules remain the same, you just need to make note of ‘TO-DO’ & ‘NOT-TO-DO’ suggestions here.


Gentle cleanser is an essential most product. Avoid scrubbers, exfoliators or harsh lather making soaps in case you are at the active stage or with live break-outs, inflammation, redness or any sort of sensitivity. Let your dermatologist decide your routine & skincare.


Oily Skin – Use cleanser with 0.5% Salicylic Acid or Lactic Acid. Supplements with vitamin A or zinc will be ideal. We recommend double cleansing with foam or gel based cleansers as these face washes suck out the excess dirt & toxins.

Dry Skin – Cleansers that are milk or cream based are ideal. Vitamin E is the best recommended to preserve the natural moisture balance.

Sensitive Skin – Micellar water is prepared using purified water, glycerine & other similar cleansing compounds that has skin-balancing and hydrating benefits.


Remember to choose a toner that does not have any alcohol content. Toner does help in unclogging of pores and keeps the skin sebum free however choose a natural toner such as with rose water extract or with green tea toners that promises to balance the pH level of the skin & are the most suitable for teens.


Moisturizers create a barrier between the skin and our surrounding environment. Moisturizers act as protecting agents from pollution, dirt, impurities or any sort of mood swings that our skin go through…Moisturizing smoothens our skin cells and act as the real food for our beloved skin.

Dry & Combination – Oil, milk & cream based formula for radiant skin

Oily & Sensitive – Light Weight, non-sticky, non-greasy, oil free moisturizer


* Washing makeup before bed without fail

* Follow a morning & night skin care routine regularly in consultation with a specialist

* Follow a well-balanced diet with sufficient water, greens, fruits and nuts

* Avoid touching your face frequently

* Absolutely no pricking your pimples

* Take adequate beauty sleep, relax yourself from all the stresses, exercise in the form of dance, workouts, yoga, cycling, etc.

* No powder application on your face please

* Avoid sharing makeup tools & products with others and clean them at regular intervals

* Add care for your lips and hands

* Strictly, no use of wet tissues

* Apply any good clay mask of your choice, weekly

* Lastly and most importantly, do not miss to use sunscreen on daily basis whether you are outdoor or indoor

DIY for Tweens and Teens that are suitable for all skin types:

Oatmeal + Honey + Milk + Rose Water

– Apply this paste on a clean face & leave it to dry for 20 mins

– Use 2 tbsp curd on your fingers to scrub the dried pack off your face

– Wash off the face pack with RO or distilled water

– Do not use any face towel or tissue paper immediately after wash to dry your face

– Leave it to air dry naturally

– Apply a moisturizer followed by a sunscreen at least 1 hour later


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