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Tucson, AZ plastic surgeons Raman Mahabir, MD and Silvia Kurtovic, MD have a busy facial rejuvenation side in their practice—from neurotoxins, fillers, and fat grafting to facelifts and neck lifts. As two of the most trusted names in Arizona for creating a rejuvenated yet authentic look, their advice to patients is: A consistent maintenance skin-care routine combined with focused treatments can make all the difference on the road to supporting healthy aging of our skin while preventing further damage.

“When we meet with patients interested in facial rejuvenation procedures, we begin by emphasizing the importance of an effective, medical-grade skin-care regimen,” they say. “There are three key aspects of facial aging: first, loss of volume (deflation or the hollow look), second, laxity (loose skin) and third, skin surface changes. Just as a painter prefers not to paint a masterpiece on a damaged canvas, we prefer not to operate on damaged skin. Optimizing skin health is ideal before addressing volume loss and laxity.” According to Drs. Kurtovic and Mahabir, “The first step is to establish a core morning routine and evening ritual that becomes a habit. This creates the foundation. From there, targeted and time-limited treatments focus on fine lines, texture and pigmentation. We encourage our patients to be consistent in their skin care for at least three to six months, prior to any surgical procedure, as it dramatically improves the longevity of surgical results.”

power players

“ZO Skin Health and AlumerMD are two of the most powerful medical-grade skin-care lines on the market today, and both are only sold through authorized physicians. Because they contain active ingredients in greater concentrations than over-the-counter skin care, they should be used under doctor supervision,” states Dr. Kurtovic. “These two skin-care lines have become our ‘go-to’ products in our practice as they really do work in achieving long-lasting changes in the skin cells and slowing aging when used regularly,” she adds.

Device Thu

“We are the first practice in Arizona to carry the MIRA facial treatment system by La Luer. It’s an innovative, at-home skin-care device that combines multiple clinically-proven dermal treatment technologies (ultrasound, radio frequency, LED light, microcurrents and ion infusion) all in one” says Dr. Mahabir. “It offers patients a safe, high-performance technology that they can use at home to achieve results similar to professional facials. It’s a game changer.”

A combination approach

“In our practice, we optimize all three aspects to give patients a natural, long-lasting look,” explains Dr. Mahabir. “An individualized skin fitness program is essential to skin health, slowing the aging process and reversing skin damage. We prefer fat grafting (using the patient’s own fat as a filler) or hyaluronic acid fillers (when fat is not available) to correct volume loss. Ultimately, a surgical face and neck lift remain the gold standard of achieving sustainable long-term correction of skin laxity.”

Results driven

“Because our philosophy is to educate patients on the long-term benefits of skin health, our patients feel empowered to develop consistent, effective skin care routines. When it comes time to consider surgery, they know they have optimized their skin for the best possible result” says Dr. Kurtovic.

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