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A leader in clinically-proven sensitive skincare, Cetaphil, recently ups its ante by including a dermatologist-approved blend of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Panthenol (Vitamin B5) and hydrating Glycerin to its classic formulation for their iconic best sellers – Gentle Skin Cleanser, Oily Skin Cleanser, Moisturizing Cream, Moisturizing Lotion and DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion.

The product packaging now sports a modern and sleeker silhouette, a logo upgrade as well as color coding to identify products for specific skin types.

You can see the difference below:

This evolution of Cetaphil is introduced under the auspices of its Clear Skies initiative, a long-term commitment to supporting a healthier environment and brighter futures for all. This sustainability effort outlines the journey of Cetaphil, and its parent company Galderma, to embed responsible practices across their businesses.

“As we celebrate 75 years of successes, we also chart a new milestone in our illustrious heritage with an unprecedented reformulation to exceed our customer’s expectations and also an up-to-date packaging to delight loyal and new users. Our new Clear Skies initiative, which prescribes the use of smarter and recyclable materials, demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and care for the environment.” Announced Ms Agnes Tan, Country Manager of Galderma Singapore.

Skincare Brand Cetaphil Turns 75, Unveils New and Improved Formulation with New Packaging and Sustainability Initiatives - Alvinology
Ms Agnes Tan, Country Manager of Galderma Singapore, announcing the new and improved Cetaphil products

At a glance, the new green and blue color coding do make it much easier to differentiate between Cetaphil’s product lines, catering for different skin types. This will definitely save time locating the product you want from off the racks at the physical stores.

New and Improved Cetaphil Products

Skincare Brand Cetaphil Turns 75, Unveils New and Improved Formulation with New Packaging and Sustainability Initiatives - Alvinology

The five Cetaphil products above now offer a cleaner formulation that provides more benefits and better care to customers troubled by sensitive skin.

Its proprietary dermatologist-backed blend of hydrating and skin-strengthening ingredients – Niacinamide, Panthenol and Glycerin – are claimed to be clinically proven to improve the overall resilience of sensitive skin and defend against the 5 Signs of Skin Sensitivity, which include irritation, roughness, tightness, dryness and weakened skin barrier.

The products are free of parabens, sulphates and animal origin ingredients. They are not tested on animals at any stage of the product innovation, development or manufacturing processes. The packaging is in part recyclable at most facilities and is now made with biodegradable materials.

“Niacinamide helps boost the natural defense of our skin against damage from the environment; Panthenol helps the skin build up a barrier against irritation and water loss; and glycerin acts as a humectant that supports the skin in retaining moisture. These ingredients work together harmoniously to strengthen the skin barrier function, improve skin hydration and reduce skin inflammation thus benefitting users with sensitive skin,” said Dr Sheila Chua, Board Certified Dermatologist and Head of Medical Affairs, Galderma Japan & Asia Pacific Region.

The new formulations were subjected to rigorous consumer trials and clinical testing to verify an enhanced consumer experience and improved product efficacy.

Their mission to advance the science behind sensitive skincare resulted in dermatologist-endorsed products that are backed by over 550 clinical studies with no less than 32,000 sensitive skin subjects conducted over the years.

Clear Skies Initiative

Under the Clear Skies initiative, which is their long-term sustainability effort, Galderma (Cetaphil) is committed to setting and achieving goals to continue to reduce the impact on the environment and contribute to strong communities. Currently, the company aims to achieve 100% renewable electricity in its current factories by 2022 and become carbon neutral in its production facilities.

Clear Skies will support the company towards being more sustainable by using fewer resources and creating less waste. The science-based approach is based on comprehensive research from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and aligned with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Clear Skies is set against four key areas in which the organization can make an impact:

  1. reducing environmental impact,
  2. Formulated with cleaner ingredients,
  3. Using smarter packaging, and
  4. Serving its communities

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