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When it comes to the skin, we often have high expectations of what can be done.

Skincare cannot completely alter your skin, but it can certainly help, especially if you’re consistent with your skincare routine.

And while nothing can stop or reverse wrinkles, there’s definitely things you can do to keep your skin as healthy as possible to minimize them.

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However, there’s only so far that at home skincare can go, and that’s why it’s beneficial to see a professional every now and then.

Skincare expert Michelle Macken is an Ultraceuticals trainer and a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things skin.

Speaking to RSVP Live, she explained the benefits of professional skincare treatments and consultations: “To achieve real visible results it is important to have a skincare routine and professional treatment plan designed around your skin needs.

“The starting point to any skin journey plan is to book in for a skin consultation with a highly trained therapist. It is within the consultation that the therapist will assess your skin type and skin concerns and prescribe a detailed homecare routine. Remember consistency is key , by having a good skincare routine it will help to promote healthy skin.

“The next skin investment is to book in for a professional treatment, this is where you can really amplify the results. The skin therapist can bespoke a treatment and utilize modalities to help you achieve your skin goals.”

When getting professional treatments, skin therapists have access to ingredients that we at home don’t – meaning more powerful results. This could be to target aging, scarring, acne, dullness or any other skin concern you may have.

“A good starting point is to do a course of three treatments at two week intervals,” said Michelle. “If your skin requires more correction work, you may need more treatments.”

However, we all know that these sort of treatments can be costly and time consuming, so for those who may not have the time or the budget to get them regularly, there are some that pack a punch for every now and again.

If you were short on time and budget, what I would recommend is investing in a good homecare plan,” said Michelle. “The consistent use of key active ingredients will lay down the foundation for healthy skin.”

However, there is a treatment she recommends if you do want a professional experience as a treat or for a special occasion.

Professional skin therapists have access to ingredients and machines that we don’t at home

The Ultraceuticals Rejuvenate and Revitalize treatment featuring 1% Retinol and 6% Bromelain is a personal favorite treatment of mine,” she said. “Retinol is often referred as the king ingredients in skincare as it can do so many things for the skin such as treat fine lines and wrinkles, help with quicker cell turnover and help stimulate your own natural hyaluronic acid production.

“Bromelain helps to refine and smooth the texture of your skin so to have a treatment utilizing these two key ingredients it will help to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Please always keep in mind one treatment is great but for true correction work you will require a series of treatments.”

Ultraceuticals offers a variety of facial treatments which are customized and bespoke to your individual skin needs. They combine customized cosmeceutical ingredients to exfoliate and address your skin concerns, Ultra Microdermabrasion which utilizes two modalities of Microdermabrasion which will resurface your skin, followed by Ultra sonophoresis infusions to help deliver smooth, radiant skin.

You can check out their range of treatments or book in with an Ultraceuticals expert here.

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