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Actresses like Alia Bhatt and Kiara Advani are known for their fresh-faced, luminous makeup looks. Full of a lit-from-within dewiness, their makeup looks are achieved with a lot of skin prep using good skincare products which lend moisture to the skin. So, what products should one use to recreate those looks?

Image credit: with photo by _psudo_, with photo by Ajay Kadam

There are loads of nice, hydrating moisturizers and serums in the market, no doubt. But, not all of them are conductive to a smooth, seamless makeup look. Many moisturizers cause makeup to pill, ball-up and flake. Many don’t lend skin a dewy glow. So, if one wants a shiny yet non-greasy look, here are the serums and moisturizing lotions which actually work.

1. SUGAR Aquaholic Priming Moisturizer

Best face moisturizer to use as makeup primer
Image credit: SUGAR Cosmetics

Rs 499

Formulated with hyaluronic acid salts, this moisturizer is great for smoothening skin and making it look plump and glowing. It also has vitamin E, which adds some more nourishment to the skin. It feels really refreshing and works great as a makeup base due to the skin-smoothening silicones in it.

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2. L’Oréal Paris Revitalift 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum

Best serums for applying under makeup
Image credit: Amazon India

Rs 499

This fragrance-free serum isn’t just great for making skin look dewy and plump, but it is also really lightweight and seeps into the skin with ease. Like with any hyaluronic acid product though, this needs to be applied on wet skin and topped with an occlusive agent. It gives a really fresh, quenched look to skin which is shrivelling up and flaking due to dehydration.

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3. One Thing Propolis + Honey Extract

Best serums and lotions for applying under makeup
Image credit: Limese

Rs 1,050

A fatty toner which leaves the skin moist, plump and shiny, this is like a toner but rich enough to be like a serum-y essence. It is great for giving skin lightweight, easily-absorbed moisture, as honey is a humectant. So, it draws moisture and makes skin look fresh, like you had a tall glass of water. So, if your skin is dull and crusty, this is a great product to try.

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4. Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Lotion

Best lotions for applying under makeup
Image credit: Macarons

Rs 1,399

Arguably the most underrated face moisturizer in the market, this gives a beautiful dewy finish to dehydrated skin. When you apply it, your skin feels like it’s been cooled down with a splash of water. The texture and finish of this product are amazing because a little drop spreads easily over a large area, hydrating skin well enough to remove flakes and crusty patches. It is also lightweight enough to not leave a sticky, tacky layer on the skin. It keeps skin moisturized for a long time despite being super-absorbent. Plus, it doesn’t have fragrance, so it doesn’t irritate your skin. How much better can a moisturizer get?

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5. Laneige Glowy Makeup Serum

Best serums for applying under makeup
Image credit: Nykaa

Rs 1,900

If you’re looking for something a little high-end to do your makeup prep with, this is perfect. Makeup adheres to it easily and it gives your skin that glass skin look. There’s a translucent sheen it lends to the skin, thanks to the pink shimmer particles in it. There’s no greasy residue, but it does hydrate skin and make it glow the way K-drama actresses’ skin glows.

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6. Klairs Fundamental Watery Oil Drop

Best serums for applying under makeup
Image credit: Macarons

Rs 2,180

Granted, this serum is quite expensive, but this product is also unique in its texture and delivery system since it has an oily-water consistency. One drop of product, when spread all over the skin and massaged in, makes all the crusty flakes disappear from dry and dehydrated skin. So, not only does a single drop of product go a long way and blend into the skin well, but it also gives a nourished, shiny look to the dullest, most dehydrated skin.

Buy it here.

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