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Trinny London has launched the last step in its new skincare range, having worked through cleansers, exfoliants, retinals, and vitamin C; and it’s the one fans have been waiting for most eagerly. moisturizers

Bounce Back Intense Peptide Moisturiser and Energise Me Niacinamide Moisturiser both launched Tuesday 10 May, one promising youth-boosting plumping and firming, and the other to balance oils and reduce blemishes.

CEO and founder Trinny Woodall said of the launch: “Our two moisturizers are skincare overachievers – they absorb incredibly easily and feel sumptuous, like a supercharged shot of hydration for your skin. More than just moisturizers, our highly active formulations will bring your skin back to life.”


Bounce Back Intense Peptide Moisturizer

Bounce Back Intense Peptide Moisturizer’s promises a formulation that; “visibly smooths wrinkles and brings vibrancy back to your complexion.” Crediting a 4-peptide complex for elasticity and firming, and phytosphingosine as smoothing from the inside out by helping to prevent the breakdown of collagen.

Energize Me Niacinamide Moisturizer

While Energize Me Niacinamide Moisturizer is a lightweight niacinamide packed formula that aims to balance excess oil and even tone and texture, with chlorella vulgaris extract to balance the microbiome. It also features succinic acid to help boost sluggish skin cells and brighten, and gentle asiaticoside to help skin recover from breakouts.

And of course both use the hydration hero Hyaluronic to quench thirsty skin and plump away fine lines.

With demystifying skincare as one of the new lines objectives, the brand has also just expanded its clever Match2Me tool. used to find your makeup shades and formulas, in a skincare version. With a simple set of questions to help you find all the right products for a routine tailored to your needs.

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Trinny London Bounce Back Intense Peptide Moisturizer (£49, 50ml), Trinny London Energize Me Niacinamide Moisturizer (£42, 50ml)

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