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Wear it while working out – or just when it’s mega hot out (Picture: Faace)

In weather like this, you don’t need to be working out to get a sweat on.

But gymgoers and those who perspire year-round know the struggle of skincare when you’re sweaty – and they’re also the ones best placed to advise on such matters.

Faace is a no-nonsense cosmetics brand that tailors products to specific concerns, with solutions for period spots, menopausal skin, and more.

The Sweaty Face Mask has been a huge hit with both exercise fiends and people who run hot, and it’s the perfect product for the current hot weather we’re experiencing.

When we sweat, it can take off our makeup and leave us looking oily. The perspiration can then attract bacteria, oil, and dirt to our faces, potentially leading to skin irritation and breakouts.

Some people also find that the saltiness of sweat dries them out or clogs their pores, which sometimes causes excess sebum production, continuing the cycle of unhappy skin.

Sweaty Face Face Mask

It can be worn as a primer or mask, suiting breakout-prone and sensitive skin types (Picture: Faace)

Sweaty Face is designed to solve these issues, soothing and moisturizing while containing brightening ingredients to fight dullness.

Glycerin is the hero ingredient here, which is known for its humectant properties (retaining moisture on the skin and creating a barrier against external irritants).

Glycerin may not have the same hype as hyaluronic acid or retinol, but it’s a workhorse when it comes to a glowing complexion.

There’s also argan oil, packed with vitamin E compounds and omega fatty acids, and vitamin C-rich grapefruit, and blemish-fighting bergamot.

Use Sweaty Face after a workout to nourish and rebalance skin, or during to keep protected from the harsh effects of facial perspiration. You can also use as a primer under makeup, or overnight as you would a sleep mask.

Since it doesn’t need to be rinsed off, it’s great for slathering on before hot days – or if you have to get on the sweat-box that is the Central Line.

Reviewers are saying it’s a summer savior, with one person on Trustpilot writing: ‘It’s brilliant to use under makeup for a full day’s work. I don’t look like a sweaty mess! Win-win situation.’

Sweaty Face Face Mask

Rather than rinsing off, Sweaty Faace is similar to a sheet mask (just without the sheet) (Picture: Faace)

‘It’s so nice to have a cleansing mask that’s not clay or harsh and it makes my skin feel so soft and clean,’ said another. ‘I keep it in my gym bag and it turns going to the gym into such a lovely ritual.’

Another happy customer added: ‘Bought the Sweaty Face to give it a try after frequent gym trips have been leaving my cheeks irritated, red and blotchy. Wanted something I could use before and after and this completely fits the bill.’

At £27 for a full-size bottle and £14 for a compact travel-size, it might just be the soothing and cleansing hero product you need – both for the current heatwave and any time you’re more moisture-prone.

Get the Sweaty Face Mask here.

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