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The first Remote Area Medical Clinic in Alabama was set to take place in 2020. However, COVID-19 had other plans.

“We were within two weeks of having this Clinic when Gov. (Kay) Ivey shut the state down, so we had to table this, ”Angela Anderson, director of the East Central Alabama Area Health Education Center, recalled in February.

Next week, the dream will finally become a reality as the Clinic prepares to take in patients at Gadsden City High School on April 23 and 24.

The Clinic is a way for people in the area to receive medical, dental or vision care they are completely free of charge, no questions asked.

Anderson said the only things potential patients need to bring with them are things they would like to have as they wait; There’s no need to bring identification or proof of health insurance.

“The only thing people need to be willing to do is get in line and wait for their turn,” she said. “Patients will be waiting in their cars for a long time to enter the Clinic, and we will have outdoor bathrooms available to people as they wait.”

Anderson advises those planning on coming to the Clinic to have an idea in mind as to what they want to have done as a best-case scenario. She said in February that potential patients can only visit two of the three centers a day, so if a patient wants everything done, they will have to come and wait both days.

“The only limitation is that patients can only choose to go to either dental or vision along with medical. It takes too long for a patient to go to both in one day, ”she said. “However, these patients can also come back the next day and receive the other service they didn’t get the day before.”

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