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Hardly a year goes by without Silhouette eyewear winning a design award. The combination of premium quality, exceptional design, attention to detail, and cutting-edge technology has proven a particularly potent recipe for success, enabling Silhouette to pick up a total of 72 different national and international Awards over the past 28 years. 2022 is no exception, with three Red Dot Design Awards going to the Austrian premium eyewear brand. Three models from the current Silhouette sunglasses collection received Awards: the limited Special Edition Futura Dot, the elegant New York Sky collection, and – as the Best of the Best – the Fisher Island model. All three impressed the international jury. The Red Dot Design Award is one of the biggest design competitions in the world. Participants submit products, communication campaigns, and brands, as well as prototypes and concepts in three disciplines. “In this year’s competition, I’ve been particularly struck by the extremely high level of creativity shown by the award-winning products,” said Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator, and CEO of Red Dot, about this year’s entries.

Best of the Best 2022

Silhouette Fisher Island
Silhouette Fisher Island

The Silhouette design team Drew inspiration from the elegant fine lines of high-end lamps when creating the Fisher Island model. Its design epitomizes the modern version of women’s rimless sunglasses. This model from the Rimless Shades collection is impressive not only because of its incredible lightness but also due to its extraordinary design. The jury awarded it the Red Dot Best of the Best: the award for pioneering design and the highest Honor in the competition.

Two Red Dot Design Awards

Silhouette Futura Dot
Silhouette Futura Dot

Thanks to its phenomenal design, Silhouette’s Futura collection, launched in 1973, has become a bestseller. In keeping with the style of the original collection, Silhouette reinterpreted the Futura Dot in an exciting way to create a groundbreakingly futuristic and incomparably stylish design. The jury recognized this when awarding the Special Edition Futura Dot with the Red Dot Award for outstanding design.


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