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90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem weighed 273 pounds before her dramatic weight loss makeover. Find out why Angela weighs 190 pounds today.

The infamous Angela Deem revealed her weight loss results in 2021, and 90 Day Fiancé fans are always eager to know more about meemaw’s makeover secrets. Even today, 55-year-old Angela is still showing off her incredible 100-pound weight loss from Ella on Instagram. She recently recreated an iconic scene from Johnny Depp’s film, cry baby, to show her support for the Hollywood star. Unfortunately, Angela did n’t get the same kind of support from her ella’s own husband Michael Ilesanmi when she decided to undergo her drastic transformation. This almost led to Angela and Michael’s breakup.

After years of struggling to see success in her relationship with Michael, Angela married him in Lagos in January 2020. It was the last time that Angela saw Michael prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, Angela’s last visit to Nigeria also resulted in tremendous weight gain for the reality TV star. While Angela had always been on her curvier side, according to her, her big breasts covered up for the weight gain in other parts of her body. However, Angela noticed that she was getting bigger during her trip. She ended up gaining almost 20 pounds, and this triggered some major health complications.


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Angela couldn’t even walk to the grocery store with her grandkids without becoming short of breath. Although Angela has been smoking since she was a teenager, she felt that her extra weight was causing her breathing problems, rather than her smoking habit. “I’m going to die,” Angela said to herself, as her energy level was extremely low. That’s when Angela decided that she needed to take a drastic step, such as weight loss surgery, to feel better again. She also wanted to also look younger for Michael and live longer so she could be with him. Angela’s biggest weight loss secret is not just one surgery, but the three different surgeries that she had at one time.

Angela Deem 90 Day Fiance

Angela underwent gastric sleeve surgery, a breast reduction, and liposuction, and also had a surgical procedure to correct two hernias that she had. However, Angela didn’t lose all of the weight immediately after the operations. The first three months were the hardest months of Angela’s life for her. It wasn’t a seamless transformation for Angela, physically or mentally. She called her makeover an emotional journey because she actually couldn’t eat normally for a couple of months. 90 Day Fiancé cast member Angela had to give up all her favorite foods, except for the cake that she was allowed to eat on her birthday. Ella’s hard work did pay off because going cold turkey (and successfully giving up hamburgers and sweets) meant that Angela slimmed down dramatically. She was a size 22 before her weight loss surgery, and is now a size 11.

When fans browse through Angela’s Instagram account and see that she casually promotes weight loss teas and apple cider vinegar gummies, they may think that she owes her weight loss makeover to these diet products. However, Angela lost weight because of her surgery, and by following a healthy diet and exercising after her recovery from her. In addition to improving her appearance, Angela has gotten Botox, fillers, non-surgical hand rejuvenation, and new teeth, and she is now following a skincare routine. Angela’s weight loss for her was n’t instant, but it did help her to achieve overnight success. The same Angela that was infamous for being loud and abusive towards Michael on 90 Day Fiancéis now making it to the list of celebrities who are famous for their weight loss transformations.

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