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Margaret is an American actress, comedian, and musician. She rose to fame after appearing in ABC’s sitcom, All American Girl (1994-95). Cho is also famous as a civil rights activist. She has used her stand-up comedy to highlight social and political problems on many occasions.

Margaret is also well-known for supporting the LGBT community. Although All American Girl was a big achievement for Cho as the story centered around the Asian family and after a long time an Asian actress was cast as the main character, it didn’t turn out well in the end.

Weight Loss Journey

The sitcom fell flat and there was no other season after the first one. The TV show turned out to be a disaster for Cho personally. Because of the rigorous diet that producers of the show suggested to Cho, she got an eating disorder that she is still dealing with.

Not only did the show affect her physical health but it also affected Cho’s mental health as well. After the failure of the show, Margaret became suicidal and tried to take her own life from her. Fortunately, her suicide attempt failed. Let’s find out about Margaret’s struggle with depression and an eating disorder.

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How did Margaret Develop an Eating Disorder?

After the recording of the first few episodes, the producers of All-American Girl suggested to Cho that she should undergo a weight-loss procedure because she was overweight. It was more of an order than a suggestion. Margaret accepted their advice and followed a very strict diet plan.

Cho adopted a very strict diet plan because getting her own show was the biggest breakthrough in her career. Cho didn’t want to lose this chance. “I wanted the job so bad. I thought that if I don’t lose the weight I won’t be able to be on TV.”

After starving herself for days, Margaret had kidney failure. She was eventually hospitalized and was in a bad condition. She did get out of the hospital, however, the side effect of that rigorous diet of hers stayed with her for the rest of her life.

However, Cho is a lot better than before with her eating disorder but she hasn’t recovered completely. Talking about her disorder de ella, Cho said, I would get a whole loaf of bread and chew it and then spit it out into the toilet. Or I would go for weeks with only eating persimmons.”

Margaret even Faced the Criticism from the Producers

While they were forcing her to be someone that she wasn’t they also criticized her severely. Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Cho said, “Sometimes we were told we were too Asian, sometimes we weren’t Asian enough, which I never really got, and that I was too overweight to play the part of myself.”

BD Wong, Cho’s co-star, talked about Cho’s situation, “They took the raw uncut diamond that was the 24-year-old Margaret and just sanded her down. Ellen and Roseanne got to be themselves, and those shows were wildly successful.”

I further said, “The show’s failure had nothing to do with Margaret’s Asian-American-ness but in the refusal to present her Asian-American-ness authentically.”

Margaret’s Suicide Attempt

After the failure of the show, All-American Girl, Cho became so depressed. Her eating disorder de ella only increased. It increased to a level that Cho took shelter in drugs to fight the problem. Margaret also fell into the spiral of alcoholism.

Recalling that time of her life, Margaret said, “Suicide seemed practical to me. I decided to drink as much as I could until I just stopped breathing. It was a very depressing situation.”

The depression only increased with the passage of time. It increased so much that in 2013, Cho tried to take her life from her. While she was in a hotel room, Cho decided to put an end to her life using a shower curtain tail. Fortunately, she failed in the attempt.

Recalling the day, Cho said, “It started bending and I was like ‘Oh Shit, I’m too fat to kill myself so I had to get down.’ I thought of losing weight and trying again when I reached my goal weight. As I will never reach my goal weight so I will never be able to kill myself.”

Cho said that her sense of humor has saved her life more than once. And whenever she feels down she tries to find something funny about her situation. Something that gives her hope. In this way, Cho fought the depression and saved her life from her.

How is Margaret Now?

As of now, Margaret is conquering the world of comedy. Recently she was added by Rolling Stone to the list of ’50 Best Comedians of All-Time’. Cho was also cast in the movie, Sex Appeal, where she got to perform her comedy at best.

Cho has also gotten over the depression that clouded her happiness for a very long time. As a result, her comedy from her has improved even more. This positive change at last in Cho’s life has also made her fans happy, they were worried about her health for a very long time.

Before & After Weight Loss

Margaret Cho before after weight loss

As already mentioned, Cho’s health has improved a lot. She has lost a significant amount of weight and is very happy with her new physique. By overcoming her eating disorder, Margaret has lost 40 pounds and her new weight is 138 pounds. Whereas in the past, she weighed 178 pounds.

The famous singer, poet, actress, and model, Jill Scott, has successfully gotten rid of extra 63 pounds.

End Words

There is no doubt that life throws a lot of trash at you. But you’ve got to deal with it. Sure, life is beautiful but it can be very challenging sometimes. Margaret’s life is a great example. Throughout her life, she went from so much but she did not give up.

Even when she tried to put an end to it she couldn’t. Because unconsciously she still had hope in her mind about her. Cho had not given up on life. She did face a lot of challenges in getting things better and she still deals with an eating disorder but she is a lot stronger person than before. She believes in herself and that is what has made a difference in her life from her.

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