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Some 90 Day Fiancé weight loss stories get a lot more buzz than Paul Staehle’s, but the notorious reality alum did lose plenty of weight.

Back in 2018, the controversial 90 Day Fiancé star Paul Staehle embarked on a weight loss journey, and it’s time to look back at his physical transformation. Known for his extremely turbulent relationship with his now-ex of him, Karine Staehle, Paul is commonly regarded by franchise fans as a troubled soul. Whether he’s planning to monetize a paternity test or accusing Karine of infidelity and worse, few could argue that he has often earned the villain label fair and square. While he surely has some supporters, his sometimes erratic conduct from him has understandably earned him an avalanche of derision. When Paul, who was spotted on Tinder in March 2022, began to change his body, his fitness kick was a welcome break from the overwrought drama that he is known for.


In the court of public opinion, Paul is paying for his sins. However, he’s still leveraging his 90 Day Fiancé franchise fame, day in and day out. With more than 504K Instagram followers, he does have a public platform. Like other franchise villains, including Big Ed Brown and the newly-incarcerated Geoffrey Paschel, he has tried to neutralize the constant flood of bad publicity with Instagram posts that paint him in a kinder, gentler light. In general, these efforts have been unsuccessful, but there are some bright spots in his social media history, including his weight loss journey.

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His health and fitness initiatives aren’t usually what Paul focuses on while posting at IG, as he’s more interested in earning cold, hard cash by selling celebrity video messages at Memmo and participating in other self-promotions, but he did lose fifteen pounds. He showed off a sleeker physique on Instagram, but, in a seemingly rare moment of self-awareness, he turned off the comments. Since the comments were disabled, it’s hard to say how franchise fans felt about his glow-up from him. However, it is undeniable that he did appear quite fit and healthy-looking after his weight loss journey started. Here is his weight loss journey of him in pictures:

Paul Staehle Before His Weight Loss Journey

paul staehle screengrab IG clip 90 Day Fiance CROPPED

In June of 2018, Paul showed off a fuller physique on Instagram. He posed with a mystery person whose face was concealed with a sunglasses emoji, as seen above. Paul appeared cheery in the shot, as the mystery pal was wearing his shoe. While B90 season 2 alum Paul wasn’t really out of shape here, he may already have been dieting and exercising, as he showed off fairly dramatic weight results months later, in September of the very same year.

Paul Staehle Shows Off His 15-Pound Weight Loss

paul staehle weight loss 90 day fiance CROPPED

Reality alum Paul flaunted his slender body in late September of 2018, as seen in a screengrab from his Instagram post, as shown above. Even dressed in white, which isn’t the most slimming hue, he was clearly svelte. While the picture told a story, Paul elaborated with the caption, “Making progress one day at a time. @staehlekarine is happy to see me getting back into shape. I really let myself go after marriage.” This post was classic Paul, thanks to his self-deprecating tone and passive-aggressive dig at Karine, which seemed to show that she was unable to love him unless he changed himself. While the overall impact of the caption was mild, in light of the couple’s history, it was also telling.

These days, Paul is regrouping following his breakup with Karine, who has embarked on a glam physical transformation. He seems to be maintaining the fitness that he achieved via his 2018 body makeover. In a post from late April, Paul shared the caption, “The path may be long and many obstacles may be in the way. But all obstacles can be overcome with faith and God.” His expression was uncharacteristically peaceful, so perhaps there is hope for this sometimes-tortured 90 Day Fiancé franchise alum. Change is hard, but Paul appears to have come to terms with it, even though it surely hasn’t been easy.

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Source: Paul Staehle/Instagram

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