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Most of us step on the scale because we’re trying to lose weight or make sure we don’t gain any. We believe the scale tells us important information about our bodies and our health.

We’re wrong.

Yes, the scale tells us what we weigh. But it turns out that that is not actually important information and it’s rarely helpful. In fact, it’s much more harmful than helpful.

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It’s time to ditch your scales — here’s why.

Pop quiz: Which one of these statements is false?

  • Weight is an indicator of health.
  • Losing weight is good for our health.
  • Diets help us lose weight and get healthy.

Answer: All of them.

Shocking, right? Most of us are under the incorrect assumption that all bodies can be thin if we try hard enough and that being thinner is healthier.

The actual fact is that bodies are meant to be of different weights, just like they are meant to be of different heights and colors.

It’s called body diversity. A fat person has not “failed” at being a thin person. Our weight is much more determined by genetics than by what we choose to eat or not eat. Our environment, age, gender and personal history also play roles.


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