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Vannessa Cross from 1000-lb Best Friends is shocking fans with her dramatic weight loss. Her recent posts by her on IG show just how far she has come.

Vannessa Cross, to co-star of TLC’s 1000-lb Best Friends, certainly has reason to smile. Through hard work and dedication, she met her de ella weight loss goal so she could be approved for bariatric surgery. The show follows a similar format as 1000-lb Sisters, following two best friends and their journey to weight loss. Vannessa has inspired viewers with her story about her, and fans were shocked to see how far she has come.

It hasn’t been an easy road for Vannessa, but things are starting to look up. She shared that her weight de ella began to spiral out of control when she lost her husband, and she did not know how to cope with the pain. Amid her grief from her, she also struggled with depression and turned to food as a source of comfort. At her heaviest, she weighed around 500 pounds. As a mother of two teenage sons, she knew things needed to change but she did not know how to get started. Through the encouragement of her best friend, Meghan Crumpler, she found the support she needed.


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There were some bumps along the way, but she met Dr. Procter’s goal of weighing in under 400 pounds to become a candidate for bariatric surgery. Vannessa posts a lot on Instagram, and her followers are excited about her progress. Most of her photos of her are selfies, but fans could tell that her face looked considerably slimmer. In her most recent photos of her, she is smiling and looking happy, healthy, and radiant. Let’s take a look at the dramatic weight loss she achieved and how she got there.


Vannessa was reluctant to start the process of losing weight at first and often disguised her fear behind humor. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and she doubted her ability to be able to do it. Food helped her to deal with the hurt and sadness she was experiencing after the loss of her husband de ella. She had become accustomed to eating whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. The idea of ​​becoming disciplined and giving up that security blanket was scary and overwhelming. The TLC show offered her real help to make a difference and turn her life around. Her best friend Ella Meghan wanted to start making changes toward losing weight and living a happier and healthier lifestyle. She wanted Vannessa to be able to experience that too. Vannessa found motivation and camaraderie in Meghan, and it helped her to know that she wouldn’t be on the journey alone.

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It was far from easy, and Vannessa struggled with falling back into old habits when it came to her diet. But every time she would pick herself back up and start over, even through tears and frustration. She knew that losing weight would not only make a difference in her life but also the lives of her sons. She was nervous about her weigh-in de ella with Dr. Procter and was uncertain what the scale would reveal. Although some fans tuned in for the wrong reasons, many hoped Vannessa would succeed. Despite her doubt and fear of her, she found that her sacrifice and commitment paid off as she weighed in at 398 pounds. Vannessa was approved for gastric bypass surgery, and the procedure was a success.

In a heartfelt moment, once she was in recovery, she thanked Dr. Procter and said, “You saved my life.” Despite everything Vannessa has been through she has proven that it can be done. TLC has yet to announce if 1000-lb Best Friends will be returning for season 2. Fans are rooting for Vannessa and hope to continue to follow her along on her journey.

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Source: Vannessa Cross/Instagram

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