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“The foundational science of Evolve represents a global health revolution. Going forward, we will be acutely focused on accelerating our discovery work, investing heavily in our groundbreaking clinical research, as well as developing and formalizing key partnerships. We will be transforming our brand and building a world class organization, “said Kaile ZaggerCEO, Evolve, who will also take a seat on the Evolve Board. “I am honored to be a part of this healthcare phenomenon and thrilled to have the ability to lead this enterprise to its well-deserved place in healthcare.”

Widely recognized as an expert in working to improve standards of care in healthcare, Kaile Zagger has spent her career elevating patient care through the introduction of groundbreaking products and disrupting conventional thinking in healthcare. She began her career in the Global Leadership Development Program at General Electric, under the tutelage of the legendary Jack Welch, where she was deeply rooted in strong process management, financial principles, leadership rigor, and earned the coveted Black Belt in Six Sigma. She has been recognized as a “Ten Best COOs of 2021” and was awarded a coveted place as a “Top World Leader in Healthcare” in 2022 and is repeatedly noted as a cutting-edge leader in the FemTech space year over year.

In addition to her many professional accomplishments, Kaile Zagger is also Co-Founder and CEO of a charitable organization that was constructed to help eradicate late-stage diagnosis of female cancers. She has a deep network within the healthcare industry and is widely respected as a visionary that repeatedly leads the industry towards progression and advancement.

Evolve recently published preclinical data showing innovative modulation of cellular phenotypes linked to autoimmune and allergic disease development, while other medical researchers have reported that the use of Evolve’s flagship product, Evivo, as standard of care significantly improved clinical outcomes of the most devastating disease in premature infants. Together, these ground-breaking discoveries have the potential to create lifelong impact on human lives by tackling infant gut health at a very early stage and in a powerful way.

Building on more than a decade of research exploring the unique relationship between ancestral bacterial strains that have largely been eradicated from infants in developed nations and human breast milk, Evolve has pioneered a synbiotic-based, innovative approach to solve one of the root causes of acute and chronic health consequences leading to ground-breaking transformation of infant health towards the elimination of non-communicable diseases such as type 1 diabetes, atopic dermatitis, food allergies, and serious, life threatening conditions that can arise in the NICU due to the colonization of the wrong bacteria in infants.

“I am excited to join an organization with such dedicated and deeply committed partners as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Hemsley Foundation, Johnson & Johnson / Janssen, Manna Tree, Cargill, Horizon Ventures, Tate and Lyle Ventures and Acre Ventures, to name just a few, ” Kaile Zagger added. “We are incredibly fortunate to have strong believers in the power of our infant health solutions and look forward to revolutionizing human health together, one infant at a time.”

About Evolve

Evolve is a privately-held microbiome company dedicated to discovering and implementing solutions that improve the short and long-term health of infants worldwide. Launched at the University of California, Davis, following more than a decade of pioneering research at the Food for Health Institute, Evolve is a portfolio company of Horizons Ventures, Cargill, Manna Tree Partners, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Spruce Capital Partners, Acre Ventures, Bow Capital, Tate & Lyle Ventures and Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation. Since 2014, Evolve has built substantial science and technology assets, focused on the nutrition, biochemistry, and physiology of the developing infant gut microbiome.

CONTACT: Lisa Aldape
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